herbal treatment for leucorrheaLeucorrhea is a kind of Vaginal Discharge problem among women. It is prevalent among women due to certain reasons. But continuous discharge may lead to some immediate medication. The vaginal discharge is normal among women is normal as long as it doesn’t give a foul smell, blood or some change in color of the discharge.

There are many reasons of this problem:

It may be due to the change in lifestyle or may be due to eating habits. It can be due to some infection in the vaginal region. Or some change in physiological pattern especially in Menopause.

Doctors define is as a normal vaginal discharge basically due to elimination of dead and unwanted cells and tissues. It is white in color and sticky in texture. It comes out normally to every women but the flow increases in ovulation and menstruation cycle. But the discharge is continuous and may create wetness among ladies. The condition can worsen if the discharge is taken lightly and the flow is unbearable. It can continue to some days to weeks but the flow needs to be checked.

Femiplex: An herbal treatment to Leucorrhea

Femiplex is a well known herbal medicine which is to be taken for the problem of Uterine. It is an herbal product which is made up of special herbs specifically treating vaginal problems. Femiplex can be used to have a stimulating effect on the Endomerium and Uterine Circulation. With the regular use of this medicine it eliminates all kinds of infection in the vaginal area. Femiplex has an antibiotic effect on the mucous membrane of the reproductive system and has a soothing effect on the problems like Leucorrhea.

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It’s Usage

The use of the Femiplex is very simple it is to be taken like a dietary supplements. The tablets are to be taken 2-3 per day depending upon the problem. But in case there is confusion regarding the usage ne should consult the physician. It can be used daily and it is totally safe to use. As the medicine is made up of herbs and no chemical are involved it is totally safe on the reproductive system.

There are few causes of the leucorrhea among women:

  • It is due to some of the fungal or bacterial infections.
  • It can be due to some prolonged illness or internal injury.
  • The problem may be due to changes in stress level.
  • The problem can be due to Menopause or change in Hormones.
  • Lack of proper diet or eating habits may lead to this infection.
  • Most important may be due to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Taking some medicines which may not suit the reproductive system.

It occurs to every age women. Among young girls it occurs before start of menstruation cycle and can continue throughout cycle. It occurs among young girls due to change in genital area or masturbation or having urged to have intercourse or some intestinal worms. But in some of the girls it occurs between menstruation due to changes in the activity of the sex glands. While in women it is a regular excreting of dead cells. It occurs due to mucous membrane gets thick.

Research has proved that the discharge can be the root cause of the underlying infections. In some ladies this discharge can be normal but in others it may vary with the infection or other symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Leucorrhea

  • There is white discharge coming out of vagina.
  • With the continuous flow women my feel tiredness or fatigues.
  • The abdomen can have dragging sensations.
  • There can be some pain in the lumbar area.
  • The normal functioning of the body may get interrupted having constipation or digestive problems.
  • There is a general symptom like continuous itching in the vaginal region. This is unavoidable.
  • The prolonged discharge may leave dark circles around the eye also.
  • There is a problem of mood swings which leaves you irritable and anxious all the time.
  • If the problem gets severe then the desire of sexual intercourse can be decreased.

The women should make sure that they give little bit of time to them also. The symptoms differ from ladies to ladies depending upon one’s lifestyle and causes. But the regular noticing of the discharge is very important in order to curb the problem.

How to rectify the problem of Leucorrhea:

It is confirmed that this problem of leucorrhea can be treated. But the treatment which doesn’t show its side effects should be taken. One thing needs to be noticed is the cause of the problem and the severity. Because there are so many reasons that a women gets this problem. And every one has their won reasons.

In case of infection due to some bacteria or microbes then the problem can be treated with the help of antibiotics. But one thing needs to take care is the proper hygiene of the vaginal area. The kind of garments one is using should be clean. Also the intercourse should be stopped until the problem gets healed.

One should be careful regarding the color of the discharge whether containing blood stains or unseen texture because in that case one need to it checked it with doctors.

The problem of Leucorrhea can be treated with the help of yoga also. It is proved that women who are practicing yoga for at least 2-3 years are able to fight with these kinds of problem. Even certain yoga asanas help to relieve from the problem like Padmasana, Sarvangasana, and Paschimottasasna.

The Ayurveda is best known for its non side effects formula. The use of various herbs helps to get a perfect way to get rid of the problem. The Ayurvedic herbs are proved to show there results not only in body but also on mind. Certain herbs like Ashoka, Javitri, Asvagandha, mulathi, Nimba, Amla etc rejuvenating effect on the reproductive system. But one can use some product having all the herbs in order to have a long lasting effect on the health.