Wheatgrass Supplements

Wheatgrass supplement is a multivitamin used to detoxify our body. It is an Herbal formula for Blood Purification system. Our body attracts various infections and other bacteria from the surroundings. With lack of proper Immunity of a person it is difficult to withstand the changes in our body. So, a strong and healthy Immune system is very much necessary for a healthy life in order to fight with the microorganisms and other bacterial attacks.

So, for overall well being and happiness the Ayurvedic world has provided a great therapy called as Wheatgrass. This is a natural mixture which is a blend of special herbs provided strength to the Body.

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Benefits of Using Wheatgrass Supplements:

  • It is beneficial to provide vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other phytonutrients to the body.
  • It enhances the Immunity of a person.
  • It is recommended in case of thalassemia.
  • It helps to detoxify the entire body and improves its functioning.
  • This herb helps to purify our blood and eliminates all the waste and toxins.
  • It is helpful in reducing the level of cholesterol considerably.
  • It increases Blood circulation in the body.
  • It prevents blood clotting and hence very much beneficial for a good Hearts health.
  • It has all the vitamins required for a healthy growth of the body cells.

Strengthen Immune system:

Wheatgrass provides required strength to the body. WBC or white blood cells present in the Immune system protect our body from any microbial attacks. These WBCs are present in 2 types’ lymphocytes and phagocytes. The lymphocyte kills microorganisms producing diseases and then produces antibodies to fight any further attack. Then phagocytes help eliminate these organisms from the body.

There is an Oxidative effect which reduces the normal functioning of the Immune system. Other factors are Stress, anxiety, sedentary lifestyle, improper eating habits.

Improve Health with the help of Wheatgrass:

With the advancement of age our body loses its normal functioning. It is due to wear and tear of the body. This also weakens the Immune system. That is the main reason why elderly people gets sick more often and are more susceptible to attract diseases. Body stops producing T cells and hence the elimination and further production of the Antioxidants are also stopped.

So, in order to remain healthy and fit even in old age one should take good care of their health.

Wheatgrass is one of the best herbal supplements for the body. It contains beta carotene and other vitamins like B12, C and E. it is the best source of minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium etc.

It purifies our entire mechanism, with the help of its strong cleansing agents. Due to prolonged stress and other factors our body often feels lethargic and fatigue. This condition further diminishes the strength of our Immune system.

Uses of Wheatgrass:

  • It is good for minimizing the Cholesterol levels and maintains the level of body fat. Wheatgrass helps to control blood sugar level.
  • Cancer Treatments: Wheatgrass provides relief to the Cancer patients. It cures the side effects of Chemotherapy and help to fight against its ill effects by providing defense mechanism from Myelotoxicity. As Cancer directly affect the Immune cells growth and its further production. Due to this the doctors prescribe various chemical which leaves strong side effects and pain. Wheatgrass is one such herbal product which proves to be beneficial for minimizing the effect of Chemicals.
  • Thalassemia Treatments: Wheatgrass purifies the Blood vessels and is also a remedy in case of Thalassemia. It is a disease in which RBCs or Red blood cells get destroyed and thus requires blood transfusion. It is very much beneficial for increasing Hemoglobin level.
  • For Ulcers or Ulcerative Colitis: All gastrointestinal problems can be cured with the regular use of the Wheatgrass. An ulcer which is the inflammation of Colon and rectum linings leads to Ulcerative Colitis. This digestive related problem is due to bacterial activity present in the gut. Rectal bleeding and its inflammation can be reduced considerably with the help of Wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass and a Healthy life:

With the help of wheatgrass one can get a positive and healthy life for long. One should follow a mineral and vitamin rich diet including fresh fruits and vegetables because fruits contain antioxidants which are needed by the body in order to fight against diseases. Certain fruits contain Beta carotene which is a good source of vitamin A needed to produce T cells, cytokines and B cells.

Other vitamins and minerals are equally helps to increase the Immunity and prevent from infections. Like vitamin C which is present in Oranges, lime, Kiwi, mango etc helps to provide mechanism to resist seasonal changes like flu, cold, and fevers etc.

Vitamin E provides antibodies to fight against bacterial infections and present in Carrot, green leafy vegetables etc. Vitamin B6 produces the Lymphocytes and enhances its growth. This is present in spinach, cabbage; garlic etc. vitamin D is a very crucial vitamin which is readily available in the form of sunlight. It is very much essential for Cancer patients.

Minerals play their role in our body like zinc, potassium and selenium which are beneficial for the normal functioning of the Immune system.

Wheatgrass is the ultimate product includes all the essential amino acids, vitamins and mineral which are required for normal growth and development of the Immune system. Its other functions are like it prevents the pain of Arthritis and blood clotting in the muscles and arteries.

As Wheatgrass is the best source of so many minerals and vitamins. Apart from this a person should keep his/her physical activity regular. As exercise is the best way to blood circulation and to have a normal growth of the Immune system. One should avoid smoking and drinking as it leads to other damages in the body.

Also excessive stress should be avoided as it may lead to certain impairment of the cells. Wheatgrass is suitable for all age groups and regular intake can provide life long benefits. To see good results one should take regularly for at least one month.