Vaginal Discharge Treatment

Vaginal discharge is a common symptom found in females. This symptom is more significant during pregnancy, before menstrual cycle, sexual arousement & breast feeding. This discharge is a part of the process in female reproductive system. It carries the dead cells out of the body thus removing the unwanted elements from body. This also helps in maintaining the health of the body. The discharge helps to prevent bacteria or any germs causing harm to the vagina. There is a specific colour (clear to milky white), smell & with some amount. It also helps in lubrication in the vagina.

Symptoms due to Excessive discharge

At times there is an excessive flow of the fluid or the discharge is in large amount. The color, smell & amount varies as compared to the normal condition. The colour may vary from clear to milky white. It leads to itching & burning effect in that particular area.

What Causes this Abnormality?

This protozoal infection occurs due to various reasons. A few are enumerated below:

  • Trichiomoniasis: This is a protozoal infection which occurs due to sexual contact. It might also occur if we share some personal stuffs. In such case the colour of the discharge is yellow or green with a fishy smell.
  • Yeast Infection: In this case one experiences an itching or burning sensation. It occurs due to excess consumption of antibiotics or steroids. The discharge is white chalky in colour.
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV): This is commonly known as cervical cancer . In this case the discharge in brown in colour. This disease spread due to sexual contacts. Other symptoms of this disease are loss of appetite, weakness, fever, weight loss etc.
  • Gonorreha & Chlamydia: This too is a result of sexual contact. The discharge in this case is yellow in colour.
  • Other factors: Excessive consumption of antibiotics & steroids creates an imbalance in the body. Diabetes is a disease which occurs due to changes in sugar level, which is another reason of chemical imbalance. Even after surgery there are chances of pelvic infections. Usage of scented soaps, bubble baths, lotions or consumption of birth control pills, are a few more causes leading to the infections.

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To overcome this situation, there is a herbal remedy to cure vaginal discharge.

Treatment of Vaginal Discharge

Excessive vaginal discharge is frequent in women. But there is no reason to be amazed as it is easily curable. Since there are various kinds of infection, each have a different remedy. The treatment of vaginal discharge depends upon the type of infection one is having. If its’s yeast infection, it is treated by antifungal medications. If its bacterial vaginosis, it’s treated with pills or medicine. Or if it is Trichomoniasis, then it’s usually treated with a drug named tindax or flagyl. There are various causes of vaginal discharge; therefore to do away with all there is a common medication. The herbal product named Femiplex. This is the supplement used to cure vaginal discharge be it of any form. Femiplex is used to cure Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge). It helps to maintain the chemical balance in the discharge from the vagina. No side effects or any changes in metabolism. It’s perfect for usage as it’s herbal & can be used at any age & whatever be the condition.

Basic Compostion

The main ingredients of femiplex are Asoka chhal, lodhra,kankola &phitkari shuddha. These basically constitute the major portion. These help to reduce excessive discharge.

Triphala & japa chhal help control prurtius. Loh Bhasma &guduchi provide nutrition to the infected area. Aswagandha, shatavari & chandanam is used to control moods swing & anxiety as well.


There are certain dosage parameters for Femiplex. 2*2 i.e. 2 tablets twice a day should be consumed until discharge stops.

Directions to be followed

Femiplex should be consumed until the discharge finally stops. Also to avoid vaginal recurrence, this medicine should be used once in a month. As such there are no hard & fast rules for its consumption. Use of femiplex sincerely may provide you with the desired results.


Vaginal discharge is very common among the females; hence they need to maintain proper hygiene. They need to keep the pelvic portion clean. Cleanliness is the basic factor which is required.

Home remedies of Vaginal Discharge

Apart from using the herbal supplement Femiplex, certain home remedies can be followed so that chances of such diseases are less. Femiplex can help you get over the bruning effect for a quite some time.

Here are some tips which should be taken into consideration:

  • Maintaining a good & clean hygiene in the vaginal area.
  • If there’s an itching or burning sensation, contact the doctor soon.
  • A balanced diet should be maintained with proper amount of sleep.
  • Cow’s milk or any milk product is beneficial.
  • The vaginal & pelvic area should be always washed.

What should one consume?

There are certain dos & don’ts when it comes to diet required in such situation. They are enlisted below as:

  • Maintaining a proper diet i.e. consumption of rich vegetables & fruits.
  • Avoid fat products
  • Avoid fermented products like bread, cheese etc.
  • Proper consumption of vitamins like Vitamin B, C, D, E

Questions Frequently Asked

There are few questions asked at times:

1. What is vaginal discharge?

A normal phenomenon found in females where there is a discharge of whitish fluid from vagina.

2. What is vaginitis?

An inflammation & infection caused in the vaginal area.

3. How can we come to know its symptoms?

If there is an itching & burning sensation.

4. What is recurrent vaginitis?

An infection that leads to itching in the genital area, carried by bad odour of the fluid.

5. Do really perfumed soaps & bubble baths lead to this discharge?

Yes, it does. One should avoid this & mainly focus on religiously clean.