Use Essential Oils To Deal With Stress Or Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are believed to a part of everyone’s life today. Sometimes when a person faces stressful events, then often this imbalanced state makes you feel that you are good for nothing, which is not a great mental state for your overall health, appearance and most importantly for your confidence level. Essential oils are organic products that help in restoring the natural balance of the body in the never ending situation of stress to make the condition manageable.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are derived from aromatic plants which are highly concentrated and are usually extracted through distillation of steam. These possess more powerful properties as compared to herbs, flowers or trees, which are their real sources. Just a pound of essential oil can actually be obtained from more than thousands of plants, a fact that speaks volumes about their efficacy.

Activate The Limbic System

Essential oil molecules are able to activate the brain’s primary part that controls the emotions, which is known as the limbic system. This system stimulates the olfactory system. So, whenever we smell any essential oil, it positively affects our mind, body and spirit. It is due to this incredible property, essential oils are believed to be the most important part of aromatherapy.

How Can You Use Essential Oils?

Inhaling essential oils is a wise and safe way to keep you free from side effects while dealing with different health issues. You can use essential oil diffusers to make the oils vaporize into the air. Direct inhalation from the bottle is another effective way to get benefit from them. Another way to use them is to take a bowl of hot water, add a few drops of essential oil in the same. Inhale the steam that comes out when the oil is dissolved in water.

Is Massaging With Essential Oil Safe?

Getting massages with essential oil is another effective solution to treat stress and anxiety. But while using the oil directly over the skin, you need to be sure that the essential oils you choose is skin friendly, such as grape seed, jojoba, almond oil. You can also use them in the form of lotion as well. If you find it difficult to find such a lotion, you can take 2 spoons of almond or jojoba oil and heat it to lukewarm, massage it using light hands in circular motion. To mix essential oils in your cream, add a few drops of oil in the cream and mix with finger. Directly apply this blend to the area which you want to massage.

A Little Caution Is Required

Sometimes artificially prepared essential oils contain chemical compound like properties and are loaded with toxins. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to be cautious while using such essential oils. Some of the oils even come with mentioned warnings on the label, and in case, any of those matches your concern, then it is prudent to say no to the oil. Pregnant ladies and children are recommended to take advice from an expert naturopath before using any essential oil.