Holy Basil – Tulsi

Holy Basil - TulsiTulsi a common name for Indians basically means “Incomparable”. With its immense qualities it is being worshiped among Indians. It is one of the best Antibiotic and healers, having best cooling effect in the body. It is readily available in every season.

It is one such herbal plant being used both in preparing medicines and among cosmetic preparations. Tulsi is also very much famous for having its stress reliever activity. Tulsi helps to calm down the prolonged stressed out muscles and making them work much better later on.

Tulsi is one medicine for almost all of the body abnormalities or infections. Since ages Tulsi water is being given to the children for curing stomach aches, vomiting, nausea or acidity etc. Tulsi water is also beneficial in case of Jaundice.

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Ingredients present in Tulsi:

It has been proved from various researches that Tulsi is the Queen of medicinal plants. With its powerful fighting agents it is the best home remedy among Indians since Vedic period. Even scientist has proved that Tulsi is the only plants containing so many ingredients like:

Beta Carophyllene
Oleanolic acid
Ursolic acid
Rosmarinic acid

So, its ingredients show how many strong flavors Tulsi have. Its chemicals fight against all kind of diseases or common infections.

Benefits of Using Tulsi:

  • It is used to treat Malaria.
  • It cleans up infections and various congestions of the body with its strong fighting properties.
  • Tulsi is well recommended in case of Acidity or heart burn problems.
  • Tulsi when chewed daily in the morning increases Immunity of a person.
  • It is the best known anti bacterial herbal product.
  • It is used to treat Fever and common cold.
  • It is also used as detoxifier. As it detoxify the entire body and removes all kinds of dirt and dead cells.
  • It is used in case of Diabetes also.
  • It has the same properties as other painkillers have. But it is totally safe a sit is free from chemical treatments.
  • It maintains normal pH balance of the body. It is helpful in regulating body temperature of a person.
  • It is used in case of fungal infections.
  • It is used by so many people as a cough syrup because Tulsi is having agents which removes any dirt from the vocal cords and give relief from Cough and sore throat. Its water is being used to gargle the mouth for bad breathe.
  • It enhances memory of a person. As it is having calming effect on the mind its leaves cool and calm mind to function at its best.
  • It is very much beneficial for removing Toxins from the body.
  • It is good for Eczema, ringworm and hepatitis.

Tulsi a natural remedy:

Tulsi is one such medicine which is safe from any side effects. Even normal person can take it daily to prevent from infections.

Skin cleanser: Tulsi is the widely used skin care product. It is very much helpful in cleansing the skin and increases fairness and removes scars. It is having strong anti bacterial properties having microbial repellent agents fight against microbes present in the upper layer of the derma. Regular use of cream of Tulsi helps to heal dark spots, skin paling, and fight against wrinkles and loosened skin.

Digestive Tonic: Tulsi is being used daily empty stomach to eradicate acidity, ingestion, constipation and stimulate bowl movement regularly. It is the best Tonic to nourish the digestive organ and help create a normal balance between food particles and Digestive acidity.

Increases Immunity: Tulsi is recommended to those who are susceptible in catching infections whether viral or bacterial. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend Tulsi leaves to be chewed daily in order to enhance the stability of stomach and increase fighting agents against foreign particles. With the regular dosage Tulsi is known to clean up the infections.

Headache: Tulsi is beneficial in case of Migraine pain, severe headaches, anxiety, stress, or even Insomnia. It is taken either as a tea or as powdered form to get relief from headaches.

Reproductive Disorders: It is beneficial for genital track problems. It is also good in case of any abnormality of uterus or infections in private parts. It is the best product in case of healing of the womb or reproductive organs.

Arthritis: Tulsi rectify joint problems specially swelling of the joints or walking problems etc. it increases Joint ligament and helps to have comfortable movement of the joints.

Blood Purifier: Tulsi is the ultimate Blood purifier which helps to cleanse the blood. It removes all the infections or any kind of dirt present in the blood. It thus helps to have normal flow of the blood. In increase WBC and RBCs in the blood to help fight against common infections and heals wound. It removes clotting of the blood and a good herbal formula for Cholesterol patients.

Diabetes: Tulsi is famous for maintaining Blood sugar level in the blood. It stimulates the normal functioning of the organs and prevents any undue rise in level.

Respiratory Problems: Tulsi helps to clean the respiratory track and helps cleanse the lungs. In our day to day life we inhale so much of dirt particles due to pollution all these can be easily removed with the help of Tulsi’s strong antibacterial properties.

FAQs about Tulsi:

Q: I am young and having severe skin problems, I have tried lots of medicines Can Tulsi Helps me?

Ans: Yes, of course Tulsi will purify your blood and increase Blood circulation which prevents any skin infections or acne problems. You will surely find a glowing and vibrant skin after certain dosages.

Q: I have cough problems but that comes only seasonal how will Tulsi prevent this?

Ans: Tulsi is very famous for curing seasonal bacterial infections. You have lack of immunity for bacterial attacks. So, Tulsi will provide you with stronger immunity to fight against those foreign particles and get rid of cough or cold.