Triphala Dietary Supplements


Triphala a natural detoxification herb used since ages to remove toxin wastes from the body. “Triphala” literally means “three fruits”. Triphala is made of three fruits which are Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Chebula and Terminalia Belerica.

Triphala provides lubricant to the cells and makes them more active especially during old age. Studies has proved that those who are taking Triphala regularly are able to fight better age old problems like Arthritis, blood pressure, Strokes, Diabetes etc.

It is having revitalizing formula that provides strength to the internal structure of the body and making it strong to withstand wear and tear. Triphala is not a normal medicine it is one of the best herbs to provide over all health of a person. It is known to have a reviving effect on the body cells and tissues.

Triphala is the best substitute in case of Weight loss medicines. It works to melt the excess of Fat from the body easily.

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Benefits of using Triphala:

  • It helps to have cleansing effect on the body. It is also a natural antioxidant.
  • It normalizes the Blood pressure and thus helpful in hypertension.
  • It helps to treat constipation.
  • It is best herb to control Diabetes level.
  • It stops fat accumulation in the body and thus treats Obesity.
  • It purifies the blood by removing Toxins from the blood and beneficial in controlling Cholesterol level. It controls Cholesterol level by preventing LDL or low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol and increasing HDL or high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol.
  • It acts on enzyme activity and helps in producing juices in the liver.
  • Its dosage in proved to be beneficial in treating Ulcers.
  • It improves digestion process and increases Appetite also. It enhances Immunity and help to fight against Infections and allergies.
  • It removes congestion in the Respiratory system. And provides smooth breathing process.
  • It is also recommended in case of migraines and nervous related ailments. It lowers down stress level by calming nerve cells. It treats Anxiety, depression, insomniac etc.
  • It prevents joint pains or Arthritis by removing Uric acid from the joints.
  • It is beneficial in curing reproductive related problems. It provides nourishment to the womb and helps in conceiving properly, cures vaginal dryness, pain in the abdomen, excessive bleeding, irregular bleeding etc.
  • It is good for Eye sight specially eye vision, redness of the eyes, cataract, conjunctivas’ etc.

Internal Cleansing:

Triphala is the best home remedy in treating Bowl movement and gastrointestinal tract. It is a natural cleanser and removes toxins and microbes from the body. It is proved to be having good effect in Diarrhea. It helps to remove all the unwanted enzymes and other microbes which are responsible for creating infections in the body. This herb is made up of special plants which are able to act on the toxins and helps in overall cleansing of the body.

Certain supplements if used excessively or improperly may leads to producing toxins in the body like Antacids, iron or diuretics, Antidepressant, painkillers etc. So, there use must be limited and according to the need.

There is a change in the body like hormonal change which is the change of entire body structure. It leads to changes in the body like blood pressure, nervousness, imbalance of the cells and tissues etc. This is controlled with the regular use of Triphala.

Internal cleansing is the eliminating pathogens from the gut part of the system. In cleansing process liver is being supported in order to produce proper quantity of juices and removes toxic wastes. So, liver is well nourished in order to keep good health of a person.

How to Cure Constipation:

Constipation is the common problem being faced by so many people today. It is basically the problem in excreting feces, or stool from the body. There is pain in defecation or muscles get cuts and swelling. It is just the upsetting of the digestive activity.

There is a Colon which is present in the system which absorbs liquid from the stool and makes it hard to eliminate. So, it is the irritable bowl movement.

Sometimes using Laxatives excessively also causes constipation. A laxative contains Dietary fibers. But with laxatives liquid intake should be more. There are various signs of using laxatives like pain in the abdomen, bloating or irritable bowl movement.

To get rid of Constipation it is beneficial to maintain a diet which is rich in fibers. Fresh fruits are the main source of minerals and fiber. Also, whole grains and vegetables contain soluble and insoluble fibers.

Intake of liquid in the diet is one of the most sought after thing for a healthy life. Liquid intake helps to increase digestion process and helps in eliminating toxic waste easily. But tea or caffeine consumption should be limited and avoided in case of constipation.

A person should be physically active in order to live much better life. Today life has become so much busy that we hardly get time to eat and sleep properly. In order to maintain the healthy life a person should get sound sleep. Also, regular exercise regime is must to be healthy. As exercise eliminates lot of toxic waste from the body. Exercise makes digestion much easier and helps to increases mobility of the intestinal activity.

The diet should limit the use of dairy or animal fat and proteins. The dairy products and red meat or eggs make it quite difficult to digest in the body and make it difficult to eliminate also.

FAQs About Triphala:

Q: I am a Diabetic patient and depend upon Insulin, can I trust Triphala, and will it be of any help to me?

Ans: Of course, Triphala is the best known medicine for the patient of Diabetic. Regular use of it can lower down blood sugar level naturally and will help pancreas.

Q: Is it safe to take Triphala as I am facing constipation problem?

Ans: Triphala is totally safe to use. It nourishes the digestive tract and helps assimilate food naturally. It helps to have smoother digestion and increases metabolism.