Tagara – Cure Sleep Disorders

Today with so much stress Insomnia is a common problem being faced by almost every one of us. Nearly 70% of the problems are due to lack of sleep. Tagara is an Ayurvedic treatment meant to cure sleep disorders.

As sleep deprived persons tend to develop some other problems like Anxiety, Nervousness, Depression, loss of memory etc. So, treating just the sleep problems can increase your well being and happiness.

Tagara is an herbal mixture used to treat Insomnia with the essence of plants and herbs. It provides natural relaxation to the nerves and cellular activity of the brain. After a hectic days work it becomes necessary to relax the mind and Tagara provides the required quantity of herbs which relives from Stressful life.

Even regular dosage of Tagara helps to attain a healthy physical activity and solves the problems of Ingestion or cholesterol. Tagara is one such medicine which is sufficient to provide relief from all Nervous related activity.

Curing insomnia

There are cases when conventional form of treatment is the best alternative for treating the health of a person. However, in many instances, a natural form of treatment is recommended as it is devoid of any side effects or risks and can bring effective results. This is very much true in treating conditions like insomnia. With the high activity level and stress of the modern world, many people suffer from insomnia and there are many products available in the market that promise to cure sleep disorders.

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Natural products for insomnia treatment can effectively combat sleep disorders. Tagara is one such product that relaxes the mind and promotes sleep. The medication has a mild effect on the central nervous system which eventually helps to treat insomnia. It’s also used in the treatment of tremors and anxiety. It relieves agitation and nervous irritation. The rhizome and root of Tagara is used for various medicinal purposes


  • Sleep disorders
  • Insomnia

Tagara is a herb found in Western Himalayas and has long been used for sleep disorders treatment.

However, it should be noted that overdose of the medication can lead to vomiting, giddiness, hiccup, bradycardia and cold limbs. You are thus suggested to talk to your physician if you experience such symptoms. However, no significant side effects have been reported till date.

It has been found that those who are taking Tagara from at least one or more years are more likely to remain active and mentally fit during their old age. It helps to control Memory related problems like loss of memory, retention ability, understanding concepts etc.

As it proves a good “Nerve Tonic” it is also very effective for Epilepsy. So, it is an over all healthy supplement for our body. It treats digestive related troubles like gastrointestinal, ingestion, bowl irritability, Ulcers, constipation etc. It provides nourishment to the blood and cells of the body. It cures respiratory related problems by cleaning the nasal passage and treats infections like common cold, cough etc.

Tagara when taken for at least 25-30 days helps to eliminate other health problems like Liver, cholesterol, hypertension, Diabetes and skin related problems.

Benefits of Tagara:

  • It enhances sleep related cellular and nerves movement.
  • It stabilizes the mind and provides calmness.
  • It is good for the skin too as it enhances blood circulation. It purifies the skin also. And hence cures acne, sunburn, dark spots related problems.
  • It maintains blood pressure naturally and checks continuous flow of blood to the brain.
  • It treats other problems related to sleep disorder like Anxiety, Depression etc.
  • It increases Retention power of the brain. And helps to increase Memory.
  • It has soothing effect on the brain.

Tagara a Sleep enhancer:

Sleep is the most important mechanism which provides relaxation of mind. With a good and sound sleep a person can feel better and hence activate nerves and cells easily.

There are various reasons of lack of proper sleep like:

Stressful schedule or work pressure.
Eating habits like eating lots of processed or oily foods.
Chemical effects present in medicines.
High blood pressure.
Fatigueness and weakness of the person.

Tagara increases Sleep efficiency and enhance provides refreshing mind after Sleep. Tagara alone works to the innermost areas of the Brain and provides nourishment to the cells and nerves. So, enhance your sleep quality with the help of Tagara.