Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes MellitusDiabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease where the Insulin production is totally stopped or cells become non reactive towards Insulin usage. In this problem the Metabolism is attacked which is totally disrupted. Diabetes is related to Pancreas where due to certain problem it stops producing Insulin and there is deficiency of Insulin in the body.

Humans have the capability of digesting some Carbohydrates especially present in Food and Starch, while the rest is passed on to Colon for further processing. Then Pancreas have Langerhans which is consists of Beta Cells that is responsible for releasing Insulin into the Blood. Our two-third of the body’s cells absorbs Glucose through Insulin in order to use it as a fuel or convert it into Molecules and store it for further use.

Insulin is a Hormone which transmits Glucose to the Blood then into the cells for usage. Basically Insulin signals the converting of Glucose into Glycogen for internal Storage especially in Liver and other muscle and fat cells. While lowering of this Glucose levels signifies reduced release of Insulin from the beat cells.

Thus if the Insulin level is abnormal either higher or lower the cells couldn’t respond properly the Glucose couldn’t be absorbed properly into the cells and thus leads to Diabetes.

What are symptoms of diabetes?

There are varied symptoms of Diabetes but it entirely depends upon type of Diabetes whether Type 1, Type 2, Gestational or Genetic Diabetes. The Diabetes is such an ailment which can’t be recognized easily until and unless there are continuance signs of this problem. Initially this problem starts with Frequent Urination or Polyuria, and then there are excessive Thirst and hunger feeling to the patient.

The symptoms are sometimes unnoticeable until the patient feels changes in the body like Weight increases, or excessive weight loss. In some cases there may take weeks or months to develop this disease. In Diabetes the patient is often feels lethargic and loss of energy. This results into lack of physical activity and thus Obesity.

In Diabetes the Immunity of the patient also becomes weak which makes susceptible to have infections and other diseases frequently. The Metabolic rate also diminishes this gives rise to Ingestion and other Digestive problems.

The Diabetic patient suffers from Dry mouth and feeling of emptiness a lot of times. As the Glucose couldn’t pass into the cells this makes them excess of unbroken Glucose into the Blood. This gives rise to increased Blood sugar level.

Type 1 Diabetes

In Type 1 Diabetes the body fails to produce Insulin. In this condition there is basically loss of Insulin producing Beta cells in the Pancreas. In this type of Diabetes the Immune system is attacked as the Insulin deficiency occur after sometime. After few months the patient is totally dependent upon artificial Insulin injections. This makes the body totally Insulin Dependent and also called as Juvenile Diabetes. This type of Diabetes is inherited or genetically generated inside the body. There are no environmental or lifestyle effects on occurrence of this Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

In this type of Diabetes the body becomes Insulin resistance where cells as not able to use Insulin properly. In this condition the Insulin reduces slowly and then the stoppage of Insulin secretion occurs. There is irregular or defective response of body tissues to Insulin. This type of Diabetes is very common. This type of Insulin Deficient or Non Insulin dependent is called as Adult Onset Diabetes. This type of Diabetes mainly affected by Lifestyle changes and other environmental effects. Stress is the major cause in this type of Diabetes.

Apart from these types there is one type called as Gestational Diabetes. This type is affected to pregnant ladies. The Diabetes occur during Pregnancy may affect the child also. In this type the Diabetes occur frequently due to inability of pancreases to produce Insulin. But there need to take care special care of both mother and fetus. Another type is due to Genetic make up or genes defectiveness. In this type the patient affects from Diabetes only if there Genes carry the infected hormones.

Diabetes is such rare diseases that cannot be easily get rid of. But with time anyone can control through there patience and consistent exercise. The patient need to work out almost 1 hour daily whether yoga, jogging, walking, or some kind of physical exercise. One needs to care about their eating habits. The patient with Diabetes needs to eat only balance diet like some selected fruits, vegetables, pulses in a natural way. One should totally avoid sweets, chocolates, smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. Also the patient need to drink lots of water in order to keep hydrated.

In order to get rid of Diabetes completely one can take the help of Karela an Ayurvedic herb. This is a wonder herb which helps to control Diabetes naturally. It acts as Dietary Fiber for the patient suffering from Diabetes. Karela contains Iron, vitamin B1, B2, B3, C etc which are very much important for the body. It contains twice the calcium present in the Spinach. Karela fulfills the necessity of Beta carotene as it contains more Beta carotene then Broccoli.

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Bitter Melon(Karela)Bitter Melon(Karela) is best herb for maintaining Metabolism of the body. It stabilizes the digestive activities and help body to gain their blocked energy packets. It increases the overall Immunity also. Due to regular use of Karela anyone can regain their normal Blood sugar levels. It helps to strengthen Pancreas to produce the Insulin needed by the body. In some cases it helps Blood cells to consume Glucose needed to function properly.

Karela is a natural herb mixed with lots of antiseptic herbs which are very much beneficial for the healthy functioning of the body. Being Ayurvedic in nature this herb is totally safe for any age group whether some young patient or old one. This herb is wonderful for purifying the Blood in the body. Regular consumption of this herb helps to prevent Diabetes effects on Eye sight, Heart and other organs. So, Diabetes is treatable until a good medicine and lifestyle is followed.