NEO Tablets – Best Natural Sperm Enhancer

Neo tablets have been formulated through the best efforts of Ayurvedic as well as herbal experts. Credit goes to the combined efforts of these two kinds of renowned people. This high-tech world of specialists, in every field of life, requires that the newly manufactured medicine be clinically tested by the top-notch available facilities of computerized machines and pharmaceutics experts. It is an amalgamation of various minerals and herbs that have been found to beneficial in increasing male sexual power. It works in the most natural way so that everything gets right and you get the results in the best possible manner.

The low sperm count in men is one of the major reasons of male infertility. The modern lifestyle and the use of drugs decrease the sperm count in men. If the color of the semen appear pink or reddish, it suggests the presence of blood in it. To increase the sperm count and sperm mortality, maintain the density of the semen. It is suggested that a gap of 3 days should be maintain between two ejaculations.

The reduction in stress level and oil massage increases the blood circulation therefore increasing the sperm mortality. The natural sperm enhancers are the vitamins and folic acids. A fertility supplement called FertilAid is also helpful in low libido in men. To increase the fertility in men, one should quit smoking, over exercising and eat a healthy diet.

The clinical tests have proved the medicine to be really effective in increasing the sperm count in men and it has been proven to be one of the best medicines of its kind available in the market. The ingredients in this tablet naturally revitalize the male reproductive system and cause the sperms to be healthier and more active. The minerals, in it, motivate hormones to get activated and make the things easier for them to stimulate androgens to produce male testosterone. This leads men to have more arousal and help cure premature ejaculation. The capability of sexual intercourse will be increased through the proper dosage of this tablet.

Sperms are the very bodies that must combine with female egg to form a zygote. So the sperm must be active, agile, and powerful and must conform to the biological rule of “survival of the fittest.”

Look at some of the following points so that the things become clearer in this regard.

  • Quantity: during one normal male ejaculation, the sperm count is almost 39 million. Man can think of being fertile if he conforms to this normalcy as far as sperm count is concerned.
  • Quality: An ordinary male must contain more than 4% sperms that are normal in their shape and structure. Moreover, sperms get different shapes: normal sperm has an oval head with a long tail. Sperms having small, large, crooked, tapered, heads or those with curled, kinky or double tails have less likelihood to fertilize the egg.
  • Motility: normal man’s sperm motility ratio is 40%. If a person maintains this ratio, he is more likely to fertile the egg with his sperm. Moreover, a motile sperm is in a better position to move on its own towards the ultimate destination, that is, an egg. It should be able to cover a distance of few inches through swimming before reaching its target.

Here comes the Neo tablet. Its effects on the sperm count, quality and motility have been watched to be positive. Neo sperm enhancer product is best to treat low sperm count (or oligospermia) and sperm morphologies are the things that have been cured by using this tablet. It also increases the production of pheromones in male body.

low sperm countThe herbs, used in its formula, include natural herbal aphrodisiac agents; the herbal ingredients in these tablets enhance sexual power and capability. The ingredient like mosaic gold is used in it to increase the low libido problem in men. The sexual intercourse quality is enhanced through this Ayurvedic-cum-herbal drug.

The most significant point in this connection is that this herbo-mineral drug is manufactured with great care so that it does not contain any side-effects. The clinical use of this drug has proved that it has no contraindications.

The Neo tablet work wonders in making a man more active in his sexual activities. In addition to the drug, he should also take recourse to the organic foods like whole grains, nuts, vegetables, legumes, fruit, and seeds and so on. A ¼ cup of pumpkin and sunflower seeds have also the qualities of increasing the sperm count and motility in men. This is the most natural way to increase the sexual capability without taking recourse to any kind of drugs.

Different ingredients derived powders and clinically tested Bhasmas included in the formation of Neo tablet:

Latin / English Name Quantity

Kupilu shuddha Strychnos nux-vomica 20 mg
Kapikachchhu Mucuna pruriens 56 mg
Hingul shuddha 8 mg
Shilajit shuddha 8 mg
Muktashukti Bhasma 8 mg
Loh Bhasma 2 mg
Vang Bhasma 2 mg
Extracts derived from
Yashtimadhu Glycyrrhiza glabra 8 mg
Shatavari Asparagus racemosus 35 mg
Bhringaraj Eclipta alba 16 mg
Palandu Allium cepa 90 mg

This tablet makes man more fertile and by making his sperms more active and normal in count as well as in their shape. The aphrodisiac formula in it makes men even more active and capable in their sexual activity. This type of activity enables them to lead a normal life and get even more fertile in the process. Most of the male related sexual problems are also treated during the process.

The packing of the tablet shows that one small bottle contains 75 tablets in it. The dosage as recommended by the specialists of the ayrurvedic and herbal field is 1-2 tablets to be taken daily for 6-8 weeks.

Prime Indications of Neo Sperm Enhancer Tablet

1. Low sperm count
2. Sluggish sperm motility
3. Premature ejaculation
4. Low libido
5. Sexual debility
6. Weakness and performing sex
7. Erectile dysfunction
8. Weak and small male organ
9. Weak erection
10. Short and unsatisfied sexual activities

Recent Studies Show:

  • The medicine has been proved to be of great use in producing pheromone enzymes in men so that they may get more attraction for the opposite sex. In other words, the low libido problem in men is resolved through this herbo-Ayurvedic drug.
  • The tablet enhances spermatogenesis by increasing the function of testicles, epididymus and seminal vesicles.
  • It also enhances the level of Follicular Stimulating Hormone and hormone leutining which then leads to the production of pituitary gland related basophilic cells.

The product, Neo tablet, has been found harmless in all types of clinical studies and thus it can be used freely. But then it’s recommended that one should use this herbal natural sperm enhancing product after consulting herbal and Ayurvedic specialist so that you may get maximum positive results from the drug.