Shilajit Gold – Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

SHILAJIT GOLD –The Power of Gold to Enhance Sensual Stamina

Dabur Shilajit Gold has the ingredients like Kesar, shilajit gold, Kaunch Beej, Ashwagandha, Safed Mushali and many other such herbs. As everybody in India and China knows about the features of Shilajit gold, the latter relates to better sexual activity, more vigor, vitality and stamina. It is considered to be the fountain of sexual activity for thousands of years. It is best herbal sex enhancer used for premature ejaculation, weak erection, erectile dysfunction and low libido in men.

People around the globe have been involved in using this herb for the purpose of fertility in men.

sexual performanceA crucial disease that haunts men is erectile dysfunction with the number of victims growing over time. Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability of a man to have sustained erection or to maintain it for an adequate length of time. It’s often known as impotence and includes symptoms, such as ejaculation difficulties or less desire for sex. It may be either a temporary difficulty with erection of maybe a permanent one in some cases. This may reduce the sexual performance and bring in a huge amount of stress especially for men. There may be multiple reason for erectile dysfunction and therefore has no universal solution.

The brighter side, however, is that there exists erectile dysfunction treatment for individuals of all ages and in some cases there can be a complete recovery of an individual’s sexual prowess. An excellent herbal remedy is Shilajit Gold for impotence. This naturally occurring substance is basically found in the mountains of Central Asia and has numerous health benefits including one’s erection or hardness.

Where to Find Shilajit?

Shilajit is found in the mountain ranges of Himalaya and Hindukush. It naturally exudes from steep rocks and is an organic compound. It is found in the subcontinent and belongs to the remains of greenery related fossils. It is a blend of palehumus and organic compounds transformed from fossils. It is blackish-brown in color and is physically semi-solid.

The discovery of Shilajit – as a substance that could give longevity, strength, and sexual power – is pretty interesting. People belonging to Himalayan tribes watched white monkeys licking Shilajit from the rocks and those people considered that this substance must also be useful for human beings. So, they turned their attention towards the use of this semi-solid substance that was coming out of the rocks on its own.

Holistic Health is Guaranteed

Shilajit guarantees holistic health to men. It promises health to sense organs, mind, body and soul. The above mentioned four factors of holistic health are necessary for proper health and you should keep in mind that everything goes well with you just according to the plan and expectations when you are using this natural drug. World Health Organization has defined health almost in the same way as the above four factors have been defined by Ayurveda thousands of years ago. The WHO health definition says that health is an amalgamation of mental, physical, social, environment-related, spiritual and social welfare.

How Shilajit Helps You When You Are Sexually Down?

There are various causes for low men libido. Said that, there are many factors involve in the sexual weakness and they may include the various reasons like metal tension of some kind, overwork, over medication, alcoholism, chronic disease, smoking, pollution, etc. This type of problems may easily be cured if you take recourse to the time tested Ayurvedic herbs and ways of treatment. Ayurvedic ways of treatment have been in use for thousands of years among Munis, Rishiis and Maharajas who had best sexual power, vigor and vitality through a concoction of herbs and minerals. This type of ancient treatment is still working with even better prospects.

Shilajit has various other benefits so that to provide rejuvenation to men. Various other problems like low-libido, premature ejaculation, weak erection and other problems are resolved due to this gift produced by nature.

Research on Shilajit’s Effects on Human Beings

There are various researches going on in various parts of the world. One such research in Bulgaria has shown splendid results in this connection. Look at the following findings in this connection:

  • It is a non-hormonal cure for the diseases relating to sexual activities and other abnormalities.
  • The three main problems in man’s fertility are shape, quantity and motility rate of the sperms and it has been proved that all these things improve due to the use of Shilajit.
  • A daily dosage of 750 mg of the drug will increase the testosterone level by 30%.

Research on Shilajit’s Effects on Human Beings

As already told, the effects on the bodily strength had motivated the Himalayan villagers who had watched monkeys licking this material. Scientists carry on their experiments on this drug on the animals to check its effects. They then understood that this product could be the best natural sex tonic.

Look at the following findings on animals.

  • Indian journal of medical research has published a report about its function in male rats which says that it increases seminal vesicle and testes.
  • When administered in spermatorrhoea, it produced stimulation in endocrine system. This spur was just like the one that relates to the tropic hormones of anterior pituitary.

Advantages of Dabur Shilajit Gold

Various advantages of this naturally produced drug have been found among men. Look at the following:

1. Its use has proved to be beneficial for the people to slow down the aging process.
2. It contains almost all kinds of minerals that are required for holistic health.
3. It is a curative tonic for all body organs and parts.
4. It increases power and vigor.
5. This aphrodisiac natural concoction of minerals contains all the elements required for youthfulness in “Kama Sutra”.
6. Gold, as one of its ingredients, is an Ayurvedic tonic for vigor and vitality. It increases sexual power and has various other effects like longevity and nervine tonic.
7. It contains Kesar (or saffron) which is also a nervine tonic and aphrodisiac in nature. It keeps exhaustion and weakness away from you.
8. Another ingredient in it is the herb named Ashwagandha which is a rasyan drug and has rejuvenating as well as aphrodisiac features in it.
9. One more ingredient in it is Safed Mushali which is a nutritive sexual tonic. It is used with milk to cure the cases where seminal weakness is prominent among men.

Shilajit Gold Indications

It has curing effects on various sexual dysfunctions and problems. This Ayurvedic tonic provides better results while providing power and vigor to the male reproductive system. The Ayurvedic veterans and well-practiced personnel recommend it to men for following indications:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Incapacity to perform sexual intercourse
  • Sperm count deficiency
  • Low libido or lack of interest in sex
  • Excitement problems
  • Low energy
  • No sexual satisfaction or sexual debility

If you have any of the above problems, try this wonderful drug produced by nature. Get as solid as a rock – from where it exudes – and then make it certain that everything goes well with you. Be a part of hundreds and thousands of satisfied users who have found its effects to be a powerful stimulator. Make your life full of sensual pleasures by taking recourse to it and then attain vigor and happy married life.