Self-Care Tips to Avoid the Condition of Dandruff and Other Hair Problems

Winter brings with it colder and dryer days, which quite often lead to irritation and itching or dryness on different parts of the body. In case you are having dry scalp, then you are more likely to see flakes on your shoulders, which implies that you can no longer wear dark clothes because they make signs of dandruff and hair fall more evident. Usually most of us do not pay the needed attention to our scalp, but it is exceedingly necessary to do so, not just for looks but overall health as well. Dandruff can also put a dent on your self-confidence and leave a wrong impression on others, which amplifies the need to look for effective herbal treatment for dandruff and hair loss.

Dry scalp vs. Dandruff

Many people confuse dry scalp with dandruff but in actuality both are extreme separate conditions. Dandruff is a condition where fungal infection occurs due to excessive oil production. Due to this the flakes start shedding from the scalp that are yellowish in color and greasy. On the other hand, dry scalp is a condition in which the skin has less amount of moisture and small white flakes start falling from the area. Presence of dandruff can be indicated with larger flakes and they are hard to come out of the skin, but on the other hand, dry scalp flakes are smaller in size. Most people feel that they are having dandruff but in reality they are just having dry skin.

However, to tackle both the conditions one needs to try out some simple self-care tips given as follows:


People who wash their scalp frequently are at less risk of having dandruff than those who clean their scalp less often. When you do not wash your scalp regularly,  this leads to excessive accumulation of dead skin cells with oil that can cause dandruff. So, it is suggested to wash your hair on a regular basis using a gentle shampoo to keep such problems at bay.

Sunlight is good for you

Exposure to sunlight works similar to herbal treatment for dandruff and hair loss. Sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D that is needed for absorbing nutrients from the food we consume. Some of these nutrients are highly essential for hair health as well.

Oiling is necessary

Massaging the scalp using lukewarm hair oil is a great way to prevent dandruff and dry skin. It also works exceptionally well to give the needed strength to the roots of hair, resulting in less hair fall. Take some lukewarm oil and massage the hair using this and leave it overnight. Wash it the next morning using a mild shampoo. If you are in a hurry and can’t leave the oil in your hair overnight, wrap a warm towel over your head for 15 minutes so as to open the clogged pores to allow the moisture to penetrate to the roots. To warm the towel you can dip it in some warm water and then place it over your scalp. After that you can wash your hair using a gentle shampoo.