Punarnava – Kidney Disease Treatment

The Ayurveda has blessed with so many herbs to cure some of the most sensitive parts of our body. The Urinary system is one of the most sensitive portions in our body. It reacts easily to any kind of infection and is the easiest way to get infected.

Ayurveda amalgamated various herbs to make a natural healer for all Urinary related problems. Punarnava is the herbal preparation to cure Urinary related problems.

A Punarnava is a natural supplement for body. It promotes health and provides energy to perform day to day activities. It is being used since ages by sages to increase their life without illness.

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Advantages of Using Punarnava:

It has been proved from various researches that Punarnava is the best antidote for our body. It has so much of nutrients that if any person consumes it daily can minimize their risk of getting infection by at least 90%. They can easily increase their life span. Some of the benefits of using Punarnava are:

  • It helps to cure infection from the Urinary Bladder.
  • It provides room for renal stones to come out of the kidney.
  • It increases life span of a person.
  • It eliminates any kind of bacterial and viral infections.
  • It works as a Detoxifier in the body. It eliminates dead cells and removes all the Toxins from the body.
  • It provides antibodies to fight against infections especially various microbes.

Punarnava- A rejuvenator:

Punarnava is the perfect rejuvenator for the body. It is very much helpful in eliminating excreta from the body. It intensifies digestive activity and helps in assimilation of food easily. As it provides nourishment to the Urinary bladder it prevents any infection in that area.

It is a remedy for Jaundice. It maintains juices formation in the liver area.

It is been recommended specially for Diabetic patients which have infection in Kidney also. It is one such herbal medicine which helps to remove harmful toxins from the kidney and helps to heal damages caused by Diabetes.

It is also beneficial for removing excess of fatness from the muscle and tissues. So, it can be called as anti-obesity product also.

It is also used in case of cough and cold and breathing trouble as it helps to remove mucous from Bronchitis. It also removes chest congestions and is also good for healthy Heart.

It is taken as an Iron supplements and fulfills iron deficiency in the body. So, it cures Anemia also by maintaining Hemoglobin level.

It acts like a natural antiseptic as it heals up the wounds and cuts by readily supplying WBCs. It helps in minimizing the fluid formation in the tissues and muscles. Thus preventing body from unwanted swelling or other diseases.

Various studies have confirmed that the ladies who are taking this medicine regularly before Menopause can cut down the side effects of Menopause by at least 50-60%. They are tend to be remaining healthy and can carry on their normal life.

So, apart from its effect on diseases it is also good for any further infections and problems.