Herbal Protein Shampoo

Today with so much of chemically treated medicines available in the market it becomes difficult to find anything natural. To keep this thing in mind Ayurveda has provided unique blend of herbs which are not at all chemical mixture and poses no side effects.

Herbal Protein Shampoo is one of the best Hair shampoo to preserve the natural luster and shine of the Hair. It is made entirely of herbal plants which provide nutrition to the Hair as well as scalp. It is one shampoo which covers all the ingredients necessary for a healthy Life of Hair.

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This shampoo provides Proteins required keeping the Hair healthy. It has sufficient of Protein level that gives all the nourishment to the Hair. This shampoo is recommended in case of Eczema or Psoriasis etc which are ultimately leads to other serious Hair trouble.

Herbal Protein Shampoo helps in the maintenance of a healthy scalp because of the fact that it contains protein extracts that are rich in herbs. This hair fall shampoo assists the user to derive all three benefits, which includes providing strength, safeguarding from everyday hair damages and a significant reduction in the loss of hair.

Herbal Protein Shampoo is for all hair types-from normal to dry. It is particularly developed for dry hair requiring extra care and attention and provides extra moisturizing and nourishment. This shampoo has gained a lot of popularity and can be classified as the best out of all hair loss shampoos.

It’s a blend of vital and essential herbs that provides strength to the hair root and thus prevents hair fall. On account of high levels of pollutants in the air, our hair is constantly subjected to harmful chemicals and affects it badly. Also, the kind of water we use to wash our hair has a drastic impact upon it. Thus, take care to use soft water that is fresh while washing your hair with Herbal Protein Shampoo.


Some key benefits of using this shampoo include the following:

  • Eliminates flakes from your scalp
  • Manages and maintains essential nutrients required for your hair.
  • Keeps your hair hydrated
  • Provides strength to your hair

Research has proved that it has ingredients like Shikakai and Methi or fenugreek etc helps to provide growth and has nutrient value. Even those who are regularly using this shampoo are able to handle age related change in Scalp and Hair texture.

Hair fall Shampoo:

This protein shampoo prevents seasonal Hair Fall. It cleans up the Scalp and thus protects against microbial or bacterial attack. Herbal Protein Shampoo helps to control falling of Hair due to prolonged illness or Age etc.

  • It helps to increase the growth of hair follicles and provides growth to the new cells of the Hair.
  • It treats Split ends naturally.
  • With the use of this Shampoo it helps to clear the roughness and dryness of the scalp which further gives rise to Dandruff.
  • It provides thickness to the hair which helps to increase the Volume of the Hair.
  • This shampoo is clinically tested to maintain the natural level of the Hair. It prevents any undue change in Hair due to weather or humidity.
  • Herbal Protein Shampoo stimulate natural Anagenic phase of the Hair cycle which leads to full growth of the Hair.

Hair loss Treatment:

Herbal Protein Shampoo has powerful agents which prevents gives strength to the Roots of the hair. If this shampoo is used regularly then it prevents Hair loss or premature Baldness.

Any kind of Baldness or Loss of Hair like from forehead is being cured with the help of this shampoo. Its main ingredient Shikakai helps to firm Hair attachment to the scalp.

  • It is one formula which treats damaged hair naturally. Especially chemically treated Hair gets better with the regular use of this Shampoo.
  • This shampoo is having a medicinal property which prevents any itching of the scalp or redness. It prevents Hair from attracting Dirt and dust particles.
  • It has pleasant fragrance which works on the senses and provides calmness to the Brain.
  • It has such powerful agents which provide Tensile strength to the Hair to be healthier.
  • It is a perfect Shampoo to prevent Graying of the Hair.

One should regularly take good care of the Hair in order to keep them in good condition. Herbal Protein Shampoo covers all the nutrients which give strength to the hair.