Protect Your Heart And Live Happily Ever After

heart diseaseHeart related disorders are on the rise across the world. It has been rated as one of the major killers among the diseases. Discarding congenial heart disease, which is unavoidable, we can avoid heart problems which arise from other factors, as we are largely responsible for that. Some personal habits and sedentary lifestyle are much to be blamed for heart disease. Several other factors contributed well in the development of heart disease including stress, high BP, elevated blood sugar level, unhealthy diet and many more. Hereditary heart problems require proper medication and supervision under a good doctor, but to avoid heart problems caused by other than hereditary reasons, people can avoid the risk by bringing a change in the lifestyle and habits.

Smoking is a big contributing factor of heart disease. Smoking can narrow down the arteries and restricts blood circulation to the heart. It can cause damage to the lungs as well. Unhealthy eating can cause the level of cholesterol to rise which is a big reason of a heart attack. Too much intake of oily and fatty foods increases the risk of heart attack. Then lack of exercise is a major reason from which one can get a heart attack later years. Studies relate long hours of office work and no exercise to heart problems.

Too much stress is another reason which will encourage heart problem. A hectic lifestyle can give you much stress, though stress can arise from other reasons also. Stress can cause high BP and subsequent heart attack. Stress is equally to be blamed for other diseases also, not only heart.

Obesity is a potential cause of heart attack. More fat means more body tissues which will need more amount of oxygen to blood vessels, in such case, the blood vessels will have to work hard to carry that extra blood which will increase the pressure on the heart. It can damage your heart.

Alcohol is a significant contributor of heart problem for people of any age. Heavy Drinking may raise the levels of triglycerides, a type of cholesterol in the arteries. This is confirmed by the American Heart Association. Too much cholesterol can lead to diabetes which is another reason to get a heart attack. Diabetes will cause blockage in the arteries that carry blood to the heart. In the absence of necessary blood flow in the vessels, it will cause a stroke and heart attack subsequently. Alcohol is the reason to develop hypertension and if left untreated it causes damage to your heart.

Studies say too much caffeine may lead to heart problem. Too much coffee or tea can cause rapid heartbeat and hypertension which is not good for the heart.

Prevention is the only natural way to avert the risk of heart attack. Yoga and meditation is a powerful prevention against any heart disease. Natural products are the best way to prevent heart diseases. Ayurveda is such a powerful way to treat any disease, not only related to heart. Various natural products are prepared from rare Ayurvedic herbs. They have such ingredients that keep your heart healthy. They are the natural supplements which are available in the market in some form of tonics and tablets. They can significantly reduce cholesterol and obesity. Such products are safe to consume as they are herbal and contain no side effects.