Premenstrual Syndrome Treatment

What Is Premenstrual Syndrome?

Premenstrual syndrome is the situation where a female have pain in the abdomen, headache, hot flushes, body aches, lower backache etc before start of her periods. Today so many ladies feel these kinds of problem. It is a disruption in the Menstruation Cycle. Even some may feel swelling or tenderness in the breasts.

Research has proved that some of the females have delayed or absence of periods. This may lead to long term physiological disorders. And it is also proved that they are more prone to have nervous related disorders like Irritability, Mood swings, Anxiety, Insomnia, emotional imbalances etc.

There are few symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome which are divided into 3 types are:

  • Kapha Type:In this type the symptoms are mostly Edema on feet, tiredness in the body, heaviness in the muscles, feeling lethargy. There is a tendency of retaining water in the body. And the female is more prone to catch cold and flu before Menstruation cycle.
  • Pitta Type: It is a constant change in body temperature or there might be excessive sweating also. The skin may become pale or heat up during cycles. Also sudden burst of anger or irritability occurs. Even sometime skin may develop acne problem.
  • Vata Type: It is mostly related to nervous related disorders like Anxiety , insomnia, mood swings, headache, nervousness, palpitation etc. even bowl problem like constipation or acidity may also occur. There can be sudden numbness or swelling in the Vaginal area. There may be pain in discharge or extreme pain in the abdomen.

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Posex Forte is specially made to cure and care the Uterus of a female. As uterus plays a crucial role in conceiving and during pregnancy. So, normal functioning of the Uterus is very essential because so many ladies face problem during pregnancy if their Uterus is not healthy.

Before it gets out of hands one must take precautions and try to control the further problem. Premenstrual syndrome is just the indication of inbuilt problem. The problem may become severe if not taken precautions on time. While certain females feel like these symptoms are normal but there can be some deficiencies or infection in the reproductive organs.

If these problems are not taken care then they may leads to:

  • Problem in the Uterus. Uterus may not be able to grow properly or there may be some kind of internal problem.
  • It is seen that long term problem may hamper the strength of a female to conceive. Or there might be problem in pregnancy.
  • Excessive bleeding or discharge may indicate loss of blood in a female which may lower down her hemoglobin level.
  • If there is excessive pain in the abdomen then it can turn up to some kind of infection in the Uterus. The uterus becomes weak.
  • The problems become cumbersome long term at the time of menopause and changes in the hormones occur.

Premenstrual symptoms should be examined properly so that a female can come to a conclusion of how to eliminate the problem.

Premenstrual Syndrome Treatments:

There might be present some long term and painful treatments but treating the most delicate part with herbs is the best way these days. Today every doctors recommend herbal medicines because of there safe use and long term effects. An herbal product doesn’t contain any chemicals or artificial products.

The Ayurveda has provided us with a best treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome called as Posex Forte.

Posex Forte is one of the best known medicines to cure any uterine related problems. The herbs present in the Posex Forte helps to heal internal injury or nay abnormality of the Uterus.

Uses of Posex Forte:

1. It rectifies the uterine related problems.


2. It fulfills deficiencies of the Anemia in the body.

3. It provides nourishment to the body and hence gives more energy through out a day.


4. It acts as an anti- inflammatory product.


5. It has analgesic action in the body.


6. Aswagandha and mulathi present in the Posex Forte have a rejuvenating effect on the senses.


7. Aloe Vera gel in the medicine helps rectify acne problems.


8. Shilajit, Googul, neem, tulsi, helps to eliminate any abdomen or bowl related problems.


9. Triphala herb helps to relieve from nausea or vomiting kind of problem.


10. Posex forte helps to eliminate deficiencies of Vitamin B6, Manganese, etc which are essential for the growth for the Uterus.

To get a healthy and normal Uterus it is very much necessary to eliminate the problems first. Notice the frequency of the periods and premenstrual symptoms. This should be regularly kept in mind that symptoms should be related to periods and not any kind of seasonal reactions.

This herbal product is made especially for those who have no time to waste on prolonged and expensive treatments. As it includes just a supplement in ones diet. There is a proper way to follow this medicine as it includes lots of proteins and other nutrients it should be regularly used.

Doctors today recommend this medicine because it is tried and tested in the laboratory and are totally safe to use. Even there are so many young girls who are taking the help of this herbal medicine to cure their premenstrual problem. Taking this medicine at an early age proved to be blessing as it not only cure their ailment but also helps to prepare body for future changes.

Pre Menopause ladies can get the benefit of having a good and healthy life ahead. By taking this medicine they can continue their periods for some more years and help themselves a long term benefits.

Posex Forte is the mother of all herbal medicine especially for Uterus. It helps Uterus to function normally and to have a healthy growth. Even young ladies get the benefit of healthy pregnancy with the help of Posex Forte.

One must try this medicine to get long term benefits and relieve from instant pain. One will feel the changes before the start of the next periods as the results will be seen within 20-25 days.