Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a sexual condition where the man feels incapable of delaying the ejaculation. This happens so early and so the both the partners remain unsatisfied too. A man reaches to ejaculation in some times and that varies from person to person. Usually the time the ejaculation of a healthy man is 10 minutes but a man who is having the problem has ejaculation in just 2 minutes after the copulation starts. In simple language, you can say that you come too quickly than both you and your partner wants that to come.

Premature Ejaculation is the most common sexual issue faced by the men all around the world but only few percent’s of them get treated because so many people feel ashamed of talking over the subject and so they don’t visit their doctors to get the treatment. You must get the treatment even early because you have to live a healthy pleasurable sexual life.

The problem has caught different persons of different groups. After reading so many surveys we can say that 30% of man between 18-29 years , 33% of 30-39 years, 29% of 40-49 years and about 30% man of 50-59 years reach to the climax very soon. Every man once in his life time faces the problems.

We are living a very hard life and so lots of problems faced by us daily and I know very less people from you will know that anxiety is the root cause of the problem and intoday’s fast life a rare person is free from anxiety but still you have to try to keep you relax and calm as much as you can.

Herbal Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

2 Much Gold is a helpful herbal product for men who are suffering from the issue of low sperm count. It helps in combating stress and anxiety which are believed to be main culprit that restricts you to react to climax. When a man is not able to ejaculate properly then it might be due to psychical, psychological and sexual issue and regular usage of same can make you help in dealing with all. To support the herbal plan to have to make some lifestyle and dietary changes in your routine.


Dosage– One can take 2 capsules of 2 Much Gold with warm milk to get beneficial results.

Side Effects– 2 Much Gold prepared with herbal natural products and so it can help in keeping you away from side effects. So, one can depend over the same for longer periods of time.

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