Managing The High Blood Pressure Without Having Dependency To Medication

Managing The High Blood PressureOnce you are diagnosed with the high blood pressure, then not just the health issue but, having bunch of medicines on regular basis would also be the reason to worry for you. As this is believed that dependency over medicine would keep you help in lowering the increased blood pressure. This is not just the only option on which you can depend because using natural treatment and remedies for high blood pressure can be supportive and way helpful for you. Lifestyle having the huge and important role, to make better or worse the condition with hypertension. So, to take a step forward in way to success one need to follow the below mentioned lifestyle changes required to keep your blood pressure under control.

Say Bye to Obesity or Extra Fat around the Body

Obese people are mainly the target of high blood pressure. Also, when you are obese, then it disrupts breath when you sleep and it gives way to high blood pressure. So, the effective solution is losing weight. Losing 10 pounds would prove to be helpful to keep control to hypertension. Not just the weight loss is important but along with that you need to keep an eye on the waistline because having extra fat to the waist area increases your risk to much height.

Regular Exercising is Required

Regular physical activity is helpful to lower the blood pressure. You have to walk for 30-45 minutes a day for at least 5-6 days in a week. This would make you support is lessening blood pressure by 4-9 millimeters of mercury. Consistent exercise is necessarily required because stopping would make in rise of blood. Exercise, being a natural and remedies for high blood pressure can work wonders even if you are at the prehypertension stage. Strength training is also helpful to practice. Some simple exercises for everyone include swimming, walking, jogging, dancing and cycling.

Depend to the Healthy Diet

A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fatty dairy items along with skimp of saturated fat and cholesterol is helpful idea to keep lower your blood pressure by up to 14 mm Hg. First, you need to start with managing the food dairy where you can note down everything you are consuming and calculate the calories and healthy or unhealthy foods you are taking. Next step, is to boost up the potassium intake. This is valuable to reducing the effects of high sodium. As the food sources you have to depend more on vegetables and fruits in place of taking supplements. Always read the food labels before consuming as healthy eating would work good for you.

Take Low Sodium Diet

Taking a low sodium diet is helpful to keep lower the blood pressure by 2-8 mm Hg. Sodium intake effect varies from patient to patient. Still, along with trying natural and remedies for high blood pressure, you need to limit the sodium intake to 2300 milligrams or less in a day.