Karela – Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

Karela is Bitter Melon or Bitter GourdThe common name of Karela is Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd. While Karela or Karavella is its Indian name. Karela is an Ayurvedic product having strong ingredients to control Diabetes. This can be found in east Africa, South America, Caribbean, Amazon, Asia etc where people are using this as regular dietary supplements.

Some of the basic ingredients present in Karela are:

  • Iron
  • It is a good dietary fiber.
  • Has more Beta Carotene which is also present in Broccoli.
  • Potassium but more than its presence in Banana.
  • Having ample of Vitamin C and B1, B2, B3.
  • Phosphorus present in surplus.
  • Twice the calcium present in spinach.

It comes in a shape of a Slender with annual pine having long stalked leaves, leaf axils having yellow solitary flowers.

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Advantages of using Karela:

Apart from Diabetes, Karela also purifies Blood and Respiratory related disorders and Purgative. It has some of the properties which fight against Acne or Black spots.

It provides relief from Respiratory related problems by cure Cough and release Sputum in the lungs. Even Asthmatic patients get relief from its regular usage.

It can also be used as a female Tonic which regulates Genital tract and also helpful in Menstrual related problems. While in some cases it is helpful in regulating lactation to nursing mothers.

It is also used as an anti-bacterial agent heals wounds and cuts faster. It acts as an Anti-microbial in skins also.

Karela suppresses the Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. It has a natural coolant which retards the Skin problems due to Pitta.

Normalize blood sugar level:

Bitter Melon helps to normalize the level of Blood sugar in the body by Pancreas secretions. It fights against Diabetes acts like Insulin which regulate the glucose metabolism. It provides Liver the kind of Nourishment that it secrets proper Bile Juices needed for the body. The Karela helps in Digestion of food with the help of enzymes. It can be called as a good Appetizer for the body.

Bitter Melon is also called as an anti-inflammatory agent who retards the Oedema of the body.

Treat Diabetes mellitus:

The main constituents of Karela which helps to control Diabetes Mellitus are: Charatin, lectin, momordicins. It is not just control the Diabetes but also beneficial in other ailments like blood sugar level, blood pressure etc.

With the regular use of Bitter Melon or Karela the blood sugar level has seen considerable change and drops to normal level. Its bitter taste curbs the effects of sugar on Blood. And this medicine produces enzymes that stop the excess of Sugar level in the blood.

This medicine is alternate to all those chemically treated medications. It provides overall nourishment to the cellular system and hence provides growth to the deformed cells. It is helpful in treating Diabetes Mellitus in a purely natural way.

Bitter melon:

Bitter Melon is specified as a kind of Fruit in Ayurveda which is a natural Stimulant and Alternative to the body. It is also considered as a Laxative, Emetic, Tonic Antibilous or Stomachic which helps to treat Diabetes.

Bitter Melon is also helpful in Spleen and gout and rheumatism related disorder. It dissipates Melancholia. It is used as an Anti- diabetic in animals also having hypoglycemic properties.

Bitter Melon or Gourd helps to heal the Wounds. It normalizes the Digestive related disorders. It helps to improve Peristaltic activities in the body.

It helps to relief from any unwanted infections or disorder and regulates the Urinary Tract. Even Ayurveda provides it’s ample of Properties like Light and Dry. It is bitter in taste and thus suppresses the bacterial infections.

Bitter Melon or Karela helps to improve immunity and balances all mineral or vitamin imbalances. It also regulates Carbohydrate and helps in metabolic activities.

Regular use of the Bitter melon helps to treat Cancer cells. It treats digestive related disorder like constipation or ingestion. It provides relief from gastric disorders.

Benefits of Bitter Melon:

  • It regulates the Blood sugar level.
  • It purifies the Blood.
  • It helps to treat warm infestations.
  • It plays a crucial role in Lipogenic and Antilipolytic activities.
  • It heals the infection if any present in the body.
  • It triggers the Endocrine system of the body.
  • It is also helpful in Piles, Purgative, Jaundice and Anthelmentic etc.
  • It helps to stimulates Pancreas and liver.
  • It gives ample of absorption ability to body regarding foods and other nutrients.
  • It helps to suppress the neural response to sugar.
  • It provides relief from Asthma, bronchitis disorder.
  • Its regular use helps to prevent eye infections and improves eye- sight.
  • It is helpful in giving relief from sleep related problem like Insomnia or Mood swings.

The results can be found within the 4 weeks of using this medicine. If any person is using the medicine regularly and taking dietary precautions can easily find change in the level of Diabetes. Even doctor’s have found that those patients dependent on Insulin if taking this medicine regularly are able to minimizes their Insulin intake and some are almost stopped taking Insulin.

FAQs about Bitter Melon:

Q: Is it helpful to the old aged people?

Ans: Yes of course it increases blood circulation and purifies blood which helps to gain growth in the joints and muscles.

Q: Is it like a medicine which is always necessary to take?

Ans: No, you can just take it as a Dietary supplements and it will not make you dependent on it. It can be taken like a fruit.

Q: I have start taking insulin, can I start this medicine?

Ans: Yes, it is very helpful for the patients who are dependent on Insulin to control their Blood sugar level. It will considerably curd the Diabetes and control the blood sugar level.

Research has found more than 30 active constituents which are rare to found in any other product. It has surplus of Beta sitosterol D glucoside, GABA Lutein, Citrulline, Lycopene, zeaxanthin etc.