Is Running Really Helpful In Achieving An Ideal Body Weight?

Running is considered as an excellent workout which helps in losing weight while keeping the body fit and toned. Those who have flabby abs and are fighting stubborn fat can easily get rid of it by running. Even many health experts suggest running for losing weight rapidly. It is true that it does not provide you with instantaneous results, but this specific natural cure for obesity is much more effective as compared to some other physical workouts. If you run for about 25-30 miles a week, according to the findings of a study you can easily lose 2800 calories. Fast pace running is not necessary for weight loss, but the thing what you need to do is long distance running. A long distance run done at a faster pace is exceedingly helpful in achieving your goal of weight loss. Also, if you try to lose weight with the help of running, then it will help you to manage the weight and also leave a charm over your face.

How running is helpful?

Do you know that running can straightforwardly help you burn about 100 calories per minute. However, it varies from person to person depending upon the weight and capacity to run. If you run faster, then you are able to lose calories at a faster pace. Running is helpful to speed up the metabolism, which is exceedingly important for those who want to lose weight. When you run, your muscles are able to burn glucose and fats, which are fatty acids. When you run at a high speed, fat burning changes to glucose burning, which does not promote weight loss. On the other hand, when you run at a slower speed, fat burns at a rapid rate.  So, if your target is to lose weight, then do not look at speed, the thing which you have to pay attention to is running a long distance. It is suggested to run miles at a slower pace.

Decrease the annoying belly fat

Another fact is that running as a natural cure for obesity does not allow the appetite to increase much. Also, it is helpful in decreasing the fat around the belly area quickly. This is a healthy way, so when you start this practice, you start losing fat, but do not increase your hunger in any way. The practice of consistent running is necessary for you to get the goal. It is not the fastest way to lose weight, but I assure you that this is the safest and the easiest way to shed pounds. You can expect about 1-2 lbs of weight loss in a month. You need to set goals which are realistic as it is a slower process so it is will not make you lose weight immediately.

In short, we can say that running does not work single-handedly as you have to manage it with some exercises, changes in diet and lifestyle modifications. Running is what that helps you to burn more calories than you consume. That is what you need to achieve an ideal body weight.