How To Make Your Breast Grow

Breasts Enlargement Cream

The present society lays a lot of stress on the size of women’s breasts. Many women are of the view that by having fuller breasts they’ll be more attractive to the opposite sex as well as confident. They also get more number of breaks in their life. But the question is how to make your breasts grow?

Enlarging your breasts with breast enlargement cream is a natural and non-invasive technique used for breast enlargement. The components of the cream are same in composition and deliver the same results as that of breast enhancement pills; however, they are found in minor amounts. Some ingredients used in a breast enlargement cream include damiana, sabal, dong quai, kava, blessed thistle, dandelion root, wild yam and oat bran.

According to manufactures, regular used of breast enlargement cream can enhance the size of the breasts and can assist women to have fuller breasts with tissues that are firm. It can also be used by mothers following pregnancy to reshape their lost breasts. It helps in the growth of the tissues of the breast by creating a balance in the female hormones in a natural way. Some of these creams work to sustain or enhance the changes that are achieve through the usage of pills.

Amount the huge variety of breast enlargement cream, the one that’s gaining a lot of popularity is St Herb Breast Cream.

St Herb Breast Cream

St Herb Breast Cream is a breast nourishing cream and is composed of the invaluable Thai herb, Pueraria Mirifica and Nanotechnology. Nanosomes are compounds that expand the substructure of the cells and promote growth of the alveoli and lobules of the breasts. A user can instantly witness the firmness of her breasts on using the cream. Nanosomes are safeguarded from surface bulk attrition, which is an added advantage as it leads to breast skin toning, visible cleavage and improvement in the texture of breast skin.

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St Herb breast cream increases the cleavage’s depth and allows a woman to enhance her beauty. The herb Pueraria Mirifica has excellent rejuvenation effects on the body of a woman, with the most prominent being increasing the size of the breasts. The estimated increase in size of the breasts is around 1-2 cup size. This increment is visible after 6 months of continued usage.


  • The cream stimulates the synthesis of collagen to achieve firmness of the breasts in a natural manner.
  • It’s composed on natural ingredients and manufactured with the latest technology. It acts very fast when it comes to breast skin firming and provides elasticity besides recovering the smoothness of the skin.
  • Pueraria Mirifica helps in toning of the breasts and provides the required lift for saggy and tired breasts.
  • It makes the breasts youthful again and retains their natural look.
  • Since it’s composed on natural ingredients, it’s safe and effective for use.
  • The results can be seen in most women.
  • It provides strength to the connective tissues which eventually help in lifting of the breasts besides enhancing elasticity and tightening the existing tissues of the breasts.


St Herb Breast Cream can be used by women with any of the following conditions:

  • Extremely small or tiny breasts
  • Breasts that are drooping and saggy
  • Breasts with no deep cleavage
  • Poor breast skin texture
  • Breasts that look dull

The natural and herbal formula with extremely reliable and safe ingredients adds vigor and vitality to your life. Also, it can be used by women of all age groups to achieve the desired size of breasts.


St Herb Breast Cream is made up of Pueraria Mirifica and some other herbal extracts. Puerarai Mirifica is a plant found in the Northeastern parts of Thailand and is commonly referred to as White Kwao Krua in the local language. It contains Phytoestrogen that plays a major role in the speedy growth of breast tissues.

St Herb breast cream is the best breast enlargement treatmentat present since it’s all natural and does not have any chemicals that may prove harmful to the body. In addition, it’s highly effective with the results being evident within days.

Packing and direction for usage

St Herb breast cream is available in a tube of 100 g. It can penetrate deep inside the body and the results can be seen within two weeks. Massage directly onto your breasts using circular motions for 3-5 minutes until the cream is fully absorbed. Use it once in the morning and before you retire.

How to use?

  • Following a shower, dry and clean the breasts with a warm wet towel. You are suggested to notice your size and firmness of the breasts to find the difference before and after usage of the product.
  • Squeeze a small amount of the cream (approximately 1.5 cm) for cup size A-B. For C-sized cup and above the amount should be proportional.
  • Apply the cream thoroughly only on one side of the breast first. Since your breast is circular, use both the palms while massaging the breast in the upward direction, beginning from the crease and then slowly moving inwards. Move your fingers in an upward and circular motion. Repeat this motion for a few minutes until your breasts fully absorb the cream.
  • When you finish massaging one side of the breast, look at the differences of the contour of the breasts again by comparing the area that is massaged and that which is not, particularly around the breast base, cleavage and upper breast area.
  • The last step involves massaging the other side of the breasts using the same technique.