How To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally – High Pressure Low Down With Simple Remedies

High pressure is a problem that affects a large number of people all over the world but, above all, the ones living in the countries where the stress level, the pollution and the rhythms of the work are very high. The problem is so common that to try to know how to lower high blood pressure naturally, is becoming a very urgent request.

Lower High Blood PressureFirst of all, we want to try explaining what blood pressure is and when we have to worry about its level.

Blood pressure is the force at which blood pumps from the heart into the arteries.

The range of a normal pressure is between 120/180.

The pressure is low when it is less than 120 and high when it is over 140/180.

The causes of high pressure can be very different and sometimes they join together. The most commons are: obesity, stress, smoking, alcohol, and even a diet with so much caffeine or salt.

Even if often there are no evident symptoms of high blood pressure, the risks can be very dangerous; for this it is very important to proceed regularly with checking it.

The most common high pressure risks are:

heart attack
vision loss

If really we want to know how to lower high blood pressure naturally, first of all we have to learn to reduce the contribution of salt in our diet because salt it is the worst enemy for our blood pressure.

It is important to increase, instead, the consumption of water, vegetable and fruits that help our blood pressure to go down and can also prevent it. In particular we have to increase the consumption of potassium and we can find it in very large quantities in a lot of vegetables and fruits: the top ones surely are:

sweet potatoes

Other very useful suggestions are: to drink a cup of warm water with a lemon juice, without sugar before breakfast and to drink coconut water that is particularly powerful against the high blood pressure.

Even dark chocolate can be used because contains cocoa phenois, that is a very good high blood pressure natural remedy.

Maybe not everyone knows that even essential oils are a way how to lower high blood pressure naturally.

They relax our body and our mind, dilating arteries, decreasing the stress and help the blood to flow better, with very positive effects on the high blood pressure.

Ending, if we want to know how to lower high pressure naturally using herbs and other natural products, we can say that the most common ones are:

Cardamom that can be used and it is better, for long period
Flaxseed that is rich in omega 3
Celery seeds
Cat’s claw