High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Some of symptoms and effects of High blood pressure

The high blood pressure or hypertension is also commonly referred as the silent killer by the doctors and health professionals. The main reason behind this is that today every fourth individual is affected by this problem and the worst part is that they are not aware of this problem. The main reason behind this is that the symptoms of the blood pressure are generally not existent and it is very difficult to detect these symptoms. Moreover, these symptoms are spotted when the damage is done to the heart and the blood vessels of the individual. Therefore, it is very important that these symptoms should be detected on the early stage.

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure

Until you do not do a regular check up of your blood pressure, it is difficult to say that the whether you are suffering from hypertension or not. However, here are some of the important symptoms and signs by which you can detect this problem.

Blood spot in eyes

  • This is one of the most common symptoms which are observed in most of the people suffering from the problem of high blood pressure. However, the floaters in eyes have nothing to do with it; therefore you do not have to worry in that case.

Facial flushing

  • The facial flushing occurs when the blood vessels in face dilate. If you think that you are getting a burning sensation after the exposure to sunlight or wind, then it can be a sign of high blood pressure. However, the facial flushing can also occur due to exercise, exposure to the heat or alcohol consumption.


  • Although, the dizziness is not caused due to the high blood pressure but it can be one of the side effects of high blood pressure. However, this symptom should not be overlooked especially when you are facing it suddenly. The loss in balance, sudden dizziness and problem in walking can surely be the symptom of high blood pressure.

Heart attack

  • This generally happens when the heart of the individual is cut off from flow of blood which stops the oxygen which is needed by the heart to survive and when the heart lacks in oxygen, the cells die and languish.


  • When the blood vessel of the individual gets damages it becomes very difficult for the brain to get the oxygenated and fresh blood supply and when the blood supply to the heart stops the cells present in the brain die which further causes stroke.

Progressive vision loss

  • In this complication, the blood vessels behind the eyes are also affected which further causes loss in the vision of an individual. When this problem occurs, it can lead to various complications such as hypertensive retinopathy, where the veins present in the back of eyes are damaged.

In most of the cases, people misconstrue these symptoms for some other complication which can be very harmful. However in addition to the above points there are also many other symptoms which a person suffering from high blood pressure might experience such as:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Chest pains
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Lightheadedness

High blood pressure effects

The high blood pressure can be very dangerous for the overall health of our body. It has its adverse effects on almost every part of our body:

Damage to the arteries

  • The arteries of the healthy individual are supposed to be flexible, elastic and strong so that it can carry adequate amount of blood freely, supplying the vital organs as well as tissues. However, the arteries of the individual who is suffering from the arteries gradually start developing the problems of artery damaging or narrowing or aneurysm. The high blood pressure can cause damage to the inner lining of our arteries. This makes them harder and weak. Additionally, the constant flow of the blood to the weakened artery can also cause its walls to enlarge and it will form a bulge.

Damage your heart

  • The heart is one of major parts which are affected by this complication. The uncontrolled pressure can lead the number of problems in your heart such as:


1. Coronary artery disease

The coronary artery disease also affects arteries which supply the blood to the heart muscles. The arteries narrowed by the coronary artery disease do not allow our blood to flow freely in our arteries.

2. Enlarged left heart

The high blood pressure forces our heart to pump faster than it usually does in order to supply the blood to the rest of our body and this leads to the thickening of the left ventricle.

3. Heart failure

Over the time, strains on the heart are caused by the high blood pressure and they can cause the heart muscles to weaken plus they work less efficiently.

Damage to the brain

  • Just like our heart, brain also works on the nourishing blood supply and when an individual suffers from the high blood pressure; our brain is not able to get the required amount of blood needed to function properly which causes majority of other complications such as transient ischemic attack, dementia, and mild cognitive impairment.

Damage to the kidneys

  • The kidneys filter the excess fluid from the blood and this process depends on the healthy blood vessels and these blood vessels are weakened by the unregulated blood pressure which further gives rise to many other harmful complications such as kidney failure, kidney scarring and kidney artery aneurysm.

These are some of the major effects of the high blood pressure:

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