High Blood Pressure Causes


In this world, there are numbers of diseases or problems from which people have to suffer. Some diseases are normal but some are very harmful and when these diseases get worsen individual can get died. HBP is one of them and it stands for high bold pressure; this problem has been found in many people. High blood pressure problem occurs due to fast food, reduction in consumption & due to inactive lifestyle. It has also been found that some people have been suffering from the HBP problem but they don’t have knowledge that they are suffering from high blood pressure problems. No problem, you should not get tensed because this content will help you providing knowledge about high blood pressure and its very harmful causes. People should know that it is a very harmful disease and a silent killer disease. You should always keep your eyes open to know if you have doubt that you have High blood pressure problem. You should have good knowledge about symptoms of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is very common in people today. It is force of the blood in our body system against walls of arteries. Basically, BP is analyzed in different two types: diastolic pressure and systolic pressure. BP measurement of 120/80 millimeters of mercury is verbally expressed as 120 over 80. It is considered as normal blood pressure but if it goes above 120/80 mmHg then blood pressure will be considered as high blood pressure. BP varies from beats to beats.


There are numbers of high blood pressure causes which are caused by varieties of factors. If you are suffering from HBP then you should control you BP because if it is not cured timely then it can cause different serious problems like stroke and heart attack.

  • The main cause of HBP is cholesterol because if cholesterol level gets high in individual. This problem occurs because of some fatty deposits which left on artery walls from cholesterol in individual’s blood stream.
  • Fat is the big problem in causing HBP problems so you should always try to remain fit and slim.
  • Unhealthy diet, ingesting food which are high in sugar also help increasing you BP.
  • Caffeine is a drug that has been proven to increase Blood pressure.
  • Consumption of more salt and sodium is also one of the main causes of HBP.

We know that blood plays an important role in our body system so we should take care of our blood system.

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