Herbs And Teas: The Best Supplements For Weight Loss

Nowadays, one of the most common problems affecting above all the western and rich countries is the obesity and, for this, the research of best supplements for weight loss is became very popular.

Best Supplements For Weight LossAmongst these kinds of supplements we can find: pills, chemical products, natural product and herbs.

Fat and obesity are due by different reasons but, the most usual are: a too sedentary life, without exercises and a not correct nutrition; too much saturated fat and carbohydrates and a very few quantity of fibres, vegetables and fruits and, above all, not enough water.

General , we can say that, we start to store fat when we ingest more calories than we lose: in simple words it means that we are eating too much or maybe we are doing it in the wrong way or eating the wrong things or, maybe, that we are not doing enough exercises to burn all the calories put in.

But not always it is so easy to identify the reason of fat accumulation; sometimes the problem is due by alcohol consumption, genetic disorders, pregnancy, stress or depression.

The best supplements for weight loss, according to the Ayurveda and all the other natural medicines are:

  1. Green Tea: because It contains three components that help to manage the weight: caffeine and theanine,
  2. Ginseng: very good to boost the metabolism and fight the fatigue,
  3. Dandelion and Peppermint tea is, not only an herbal remedies for weight loss, but even a very powerful support to help the health of the liver,
  4. Coconut oil it is a very useful product to replace the saturated fats,
  5. Calcarea Carbonica is used especially to fight against the abdominal fat or when the metabolism is very slow,
  6. Naturum Mur usually is done when the fat accumulation is due to the stress or depression,
    1. Lycopodium is used, as naturum mur, when the re are specific areas of flat in the body,
  7. Nux Vomica is very powerful when the overweight is caused by a so much sedentary lifestyle,
  8. Antimonium Crudum is mainly used to fight the children overweight.

It is possible to use even tea as good supplements; amongst these, the best supplements for weight loss are:

White tea: it prevents the accumulation of flat cells and helps the existing ones, to be used as energy, burning them;

Red tea: it has very similar effects;

Black tea: it boosts the cardiovascular function; it is enough even only one cup per day but it is also possible to increase for better results.

However, we have to remember that even the best supplements for weight loss are completely useless if we don’t add to them a correct, safe lifestyle.