Herbal Henna Mehndi

It is a natural Hair color used throughout the world by so many women. Herbal Henna Mehndi is a natural Hair dye which is known through ages. It is an Ayurvedic mixture made of entirely herbal plants extracts. It consists of so many natural ingredients that it provides all the required proteins to the Hair. Every person is facing the problem of Hair loss, graying of hair, excessive damaged hair, split ends, or Dandruff etc. All these problems occur due to irregular diet or some hereditary factors or due to age.

So, with such symptoms it becomes important to color the Hair. But there are so many chemically treated color dyes present in the market which leaves Hair damage, and dryness of the hair. But Herbal Henna Mehndi provides natural color to the Hair without any damage and which lasts longer.

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The impact of henna on hair

Using henna for hair is a common beauty treatment practiced in African which include Somalia, Morocco, Egypt and Sudan and also in various South Asian nations like Bangladesh and India. It is a derivative of the leaves of a henna plant, which is a tiny tropical shrub. Its leaves have a rich content of lawsone (a dye molecule which is red-orange in color), which is used for dying the skin as well as treating various conditions related to the hair.

When henna is applied on the hair, it adheres to the keratin and safeguards the hair shaft from harmful effects of the sun rays. In addition, it has antifungal properties and fights dandruff besides additional scalp conditions.

While using henna for hair color, you need to be careful or else you’ll end up staining everything. Protect your ears, neck and forehead to prevent staining. The product will take some time to develop. You are advised to use a plastic wrap after applying the product as this will keep the dye warm and will thus be more effective.

Some benefits of using

Herbal Henna Mehndi are as follows:

  • Imparts natural color to the hair
  • Stronger strands
  • Fights dandruff
  • Thickens hair
  • Promotes hair growth due to antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Herbal Mehndi:

It provides natural color to the hair. It maintains the Cuticle of the Hair and doesn’t damage the hair. Herbal Henna Mehndi works in the roots of the hair and provides it required strength to get attached with the scalp.

Herbal Mehndi helps the hair follicle to grow and maintain a healthy looks. It provides room to the hair follicle to grow and also cures damaged and dead cells. It is well recommended by Ayurvedic practioners to keep the Hair Healthy and smooth.

Henna for Hair:

Henna is very much beneficial for the Healthy Hair. The Henna acts like a natural conditioner which leaves shiny and healthier Hair naturally. It is been used in various shampoos and other hair products as it is good for Hair growth. Henna provide relief from Hair loss or baldness due to any reasons. Henna is the one product which alone provides Shine to the hair. It has nutrients value which is just like a supplement to the Hair. Henna is been used by so many women and it has been found that their Hair remain healthy and smooth even after Menopause. It helps to keep the hair intact with the scalp and prevents any Hair loss or Graying during Menopause.

Henna for Hair Color:

Henna is like natural dye to the Hair. It provides strength to the hair and gives it a perfect look. It is good for the condition like Dandruff, Dryness of the Hair. Henna is very good ingredient in order to provide nourishment to the hair. It cures itching of the scalp. It acts like a natural coolant which leaves a healthy scalp. It also relieves from stress and Headaches. As it leaves a natural color to the Hair it also acts on the Texture of the hair. It maintains the Health and keeps the Hair free from any bacterial infections. Henna cures excessive damage of Hair due to artificial color or chemical exposures.

Herbal Henna Mehndi is very easy to apply. Just soak 2 tablespoon of Henna Mehndi with water and apply it on the scalp throughout roots to tips. Then after about 60-80 mins rinse the Head with lukewarm water. One will definitely find Hair smooth and shine.