Hemorrhoids (Piles)

One should know in the first instance what is hemorrhoid or piles and the types of piles. There are vascular structures called hemorrhoids in the anal canal that helps control the stool in any human beings. In case it is inflamed it becomes piles. In some cases it is swollen when it is called piles.

Hemorrhoids TreatmentsTypes of hemorrhoids

There are two types of piles that is generally known as external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids.

Causes for hemorrhoids

Increased pressure on the veins in the pelvic region as well in the rectal region causes hemorrhoids.

In normal condition, blood is filled in the tissues inside the anus that helps control movement of bowel. In many people, especially with condition of constipation, hemorrhoids are caused due to too much straining of these people during bowel movements.

Even though the exact cause for hemorrhoids is not known for sure, there are quite a variety of reasons are considered as the possible causes for this:

  • Irregular bowel habit.
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Prolonged straining to the intra-abdominal region
  • Low fiber diets habit
  • Not doing regular exercise or no exercise at all
  • Sitting for a long time without proper movements
  • Heavy weight or abnormal weight of the body
  • Irregular function or malfunction of hemorrhoids veins. Rarely, there could be absence of the hemorrhoids veins itself.
  • Pressure from the fetus and changes in secretion of hormones during pregnancy

Symptoms and signs

In many cases of internal hemorrhoids, the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids are not experienced as they do not realize the same. When the symptoms present they are as under.

  • Inflammation coupled with soreness around the anus
  • It bleeds during and after a stool and the blood could be seen in bright red color. The stool is covered with blood.
  • A pile will move down exterior to the anus after passing a stool
  • Mucus discharge after passing a stool
  • A prolapsed of perianal mass through the anus
  • Mild to strong itchiness around your anus
  • Constant feeling as if the bowels are full even after passing a stool and a feeling a need to empty the bowels
  • If the internal hemorrhoids become thrombosed or necrotic a continuous and severe pain will be present

You can see a lot of symptoms of hemorrhoids in many cases of external hemorrhoids and when they are thrombosed, the common symptoms are as under:

  • Severe pain will be felt
  • Pain may disappear after a couple of days
  • Swelling will be seen. Of course the swelling disappears in a few weeks.
  • After disappearance of the swelling, a skin tag could be visible.
  • If the hemorrhoids are large, then there may be irritation and itchiness in the region of the anus.


Only by physical examination, a Hemorrhoid could be detected and diagnosed. A prolapsed hemorrhoid can be assessed through external examination of the anus and its surrounding region. After due sedation, this type of examination is carried out as it causes severe pain. Tumors, prostate enlargement, abscesses, or polyps can be detected and its advancement position can be determined only by a rectal examination.

Internal hemorrhoids are found above the dentate line and they are normally covered by columnar epithelium. Based on the degree of the prolapse, they are taken for treatment in their respective procedures.

External hemorrhoids are found below the dentate line or below the pectinate line. They are seen covered proximately by anoderm and distantly by skin. These are real reason for the pain experienced severely by affected ones.

Treatment Procedures

First of all, natural home remedies for hemorrhoid such as diet management is tried. It is recommended to take fiber rich foods along with intake of large quantity of water and other fluids. These methods improve the position.

Dietary fibers are found in fresh fruits, fresh and green vegetables and whole grains in abundant. So, good quantities of these food items are to be taken. Sufficient and even more than sufficient quantity of water and other fluids are to be consumed compulsorily.

Soaking the anal area in plain warm water for 15 minutes three or four times a day will help to a great extent. Another thing that helps is bath or shower daily around the anus area with warm water without any soaping as that will affect the things adversely. So also, it is found that dry toilet paper will result negatively. Applying cold ice packs will have a definite result that improves to a considerable level.

The medicines prescribed are barrier creams such as petroleum jelly cream or zinc oxide cream. Analgesic agent like Lidocaine is tried. Steroid containing agents are not preferred as they have an effect of thinning on the skin which is not desirable in any case. According to the type of piles, the treatment is prescribed.

Rubber Band Ligation: The initial treatment normally adopted in any case is Rubber Band Ligation where elastic bands are applied onto an internal hemorrhoid to enable to cut off the supply of blood. If the elastic band is placed exactly at the right point of the region, the hemorrhoid withers and falls in a week’s time.

Injection of a sclerosing agent: When an injection into the hemorrhoids is administered, the resultant effect is normally the collapse of the vein wall and shrivels up of the hemorrhoid.

Electrocautery and Infrared Radiation and Laser Surgery: Only when the above treatments fail to cure the hemorrhoid, the advance treatments like laser surgery or infrared radiation or electrocautery are carried out.

Excisional hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical excision of the hemorrhoid practiced in exceptionally severe cases. Though it gives lot of pain for a period lasting to four weeks or still longer period, it results in long term benefits of recovery and cure.


Lot of people is seen suffering from hemorrhoids due to lack of knowledge about the same and for the reason of life style not leading to a healthy life. It is strongly recommended by physicians that the information about the diseases and prevention should be spread over to the public at large which will certainly helps reduce the incidence of the diseases.