Heart Diseases Symptoms

Heart diseases are causing many problems nowadays and are one of the major causes of health related deaths all over the world. Every year more people are killed because of heart disease than the various forms of cancer combined. CHD or Coronary heart disease means narrowing or tiny blood vessels that supply oxygen and blood to the heart.

Coronary heart disease has become the leading reason of death especially in the US. It forms a plaque in the heart that is the major cause of hardening of arteries. The symptoms may vary from one person to another and there are also some differences in symptoms in different gender. It is very crucial for you to recognize the symptoms of heart disease in time. Following is a list of 8 common symptoms that are visible in the patients of heart disease.

The 8 symptoms of coronary heart disease:

1. Chest Discomfort: This is the one symptom that is one of the most common symptoms associated with the heart problems. This classic symptom is the one symptom that we always look for when we suspect heart disease. Pain in the chest area is surely a major symptom for heart problems but it is also worth noting that some heart problems may not cause chest pain at all while sometimes you may feel the pain in chest area even though there is nothing wrong with your heart.

2. Cough: Constant coughing is also closely associated with the failure of heart and in this case the cough is considered as a sign of the fluid accumulation in the lung region. Some typical cases have also seen the cough in form of bloody phlegm.

3. Dizziness: severe heart diseases are almost always linked with the dizziness and lack of consciousness. This is also caused by the irregular heart rhythms in the blood circulation.

4. Fatigue: Fatigue is a symptom that is most commonly seen in women with heart disease. The symptoms of it can be seen during heart attacks and even days before the occurrence of heart attack. As you already know there are many other reasons for this symptom as well, but there is always the risk of the fatigue being a sign of heart attacks.

5. Nausea: It is not always the case, but many times it is observed the people throw up and feel sick in regard to their stomach during heart attack. The reason behind this is the swelling some heart diseases cause that leads to bad stomach situation.

6. Pain in various body parts: In many cases of heart attacks, pain starts with the chest and reaches in the other body parts as well such as the arms, back, elbows, neck, shoulders, etc. The pain may not remain constant and sometimes you may feel the pain in the other body parts, but not in the chest.

7. Irregular heart rate: It is not dangerous to feel that your heart skipped a bit occasionally. But rapid and irregular changes in the pulse along with the other symptoms are a very dangerous situation.

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