Shuddha Guggul – Lower Cholesterol Level

Shuddha GuggulShuddha Guggul is widely known as the best herbal formula to lower down the Cholesterol and Obesity. Shuddha Guggul is an herbal product famous for its effective method to treat disorders naturally. The main use of Guggul is to control weight loss. It is one of the most popular among Americans as it has no side effects and there is no age limits of taking this medicine.
It is well known as Indian Bedellium or Commiphora Mukul as it is made of herbs found in tropical island of Indian areas. It is also known as broad spectrum drug having lots of ingredients covers more then one problem.

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Various uses of Shuddha Guggul:

  • It helps to control fat burn from the body. And also controls weight gain.
  • It normalizes the cholesterol level in the body.
  • It leads to skin purification process.
  • It helps in proper blood circulation in the system.
  • It gives radiance in the skin also. It relieves from ache and other skin rashes.
  • It is best product used in Dental related problems.
  • It is also used to cure ophthalmic related ailments.
  • It improves Immune system. And thus regular consumption can increases immunity and thus defend from any infections.

Advantages of using Shuddha Guggul:

  • Shuddha Guggul is best suitable to control the weight loss as well as weight gain.  It is one of the tried and tested medicines which are popular for removing excess of fats from the body. It gives shape to the body and helps to redefine the basic structure of the body. In other cases people who are facing weight loss can start using this medicine because of its herbs which stops weight loss and stabilizes the immune system to have a healthy body.
  • Guggul decreases the level of triglycerides, LDL and increases the level of HDL or good fat in the body. It maintains the ratio of HDL and LDL in the blood.
  • It is beneficial in treating Hypothryoidism also. Even it is prescribed in case of Thyroids. It smoothes the metabolism also. It treats throat infection.
  • It acts like a cleanser in the body to purify the blood in the body and hence treating all skin related diseases. Especially teenagers can get benefitted with its consumptions because of its purification system.
  • It has natural anti inflammatory properties which are helpful in treating Arthritis related disorder. It acts on the bones and joints and naturally relieves from pain.
  • It is best medicine to treat bowl related movements which can be due to any infection or disorder. It stabilizes stomach.
  • It is a helpful in treating menstrual disorder. Any kind of Menstrual disorder like irregularity, excess of bleeding, painful menses, or numbness in hands and feet all are being treated with the help of this Guggul tablets.
  • It considerably increases WBCs count and has disinfecting properties.
  • It prevents hardening of the arteries and thus protects the health of the Heart also.
  • Even some of the best results have been seen in case of Eczema and Leprosy.
  • It treats digestive related problems and thus helps to secret the juices properly. It works well as an appetizer and control any ingestion, constipation or Hemorrhoids.

How to lower your Cholesterol naturally:

There are so many ways of controlling Cholesterol but all the treatments required long term dependency on medicines and chemical uses can pose some other problems. But there is one simple way to take a good control over your cholesterol today. Shuddha Guggul is an Ayurvedic product which is totally safe to use. It normalizes the Cholesterol level naturally.

There are some dietary indications which need to be followed in order to get a good control over Cholesterol level. The patient should follow a strict diet regime like rice, pulses, milk and milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are some foods which need to be avoiding in order getting away with the problem. Curd, pungent food, sour foods should be strictly avoided.

Also the patient should take care of the proper exercises but no strenuous exercises and also excess of intercourse may harm.

To see better results Shuddha Guggul is combined with other herbs like:

  • YogarajaGuggul
  • Triphala Guggul
  • Kanchnara Guggul

But there are certain conditions where this medicine should be not be taken like Diarrhea, Pitta Vitiated disorder, extreme digestive abnormality, Menorrhagia, pregnancy, or during Birth control pills.

FAQs about Shuddha Guggul:

Q: I am a teenager and I have acne problem, can I take the help of Shuddha Guggul, is it safe for my oily skin?

Ans: Yes, you can easily start this medicine as you being a teenager your skin is tender and can be healed with the help of natural herbs. If you will start this medicine today you will find that your blood circulation has considerably increased and is totally purified.

Q:  I am 45years of age and facing some of the problems like weight gain and high Cholesterol level, will this be able to cure my problem?

Ans: As you are near to Menopause or may started it, so you might be facing all those hormonal changes in your system. It is advisable to start this medicine because it not only will check your excess of fat but also help you to handle hormonal changes normally. Your cholesterol level will be controlled with the regular intake of this medicine.

Q: Do I have to continue taking this medicine forever?

Ans: No, there is no dependency of this medicine. You can take it as a dietary supplement also.


With so many years of research it is proved that Shuddha Guggul is one of the multi problem solvers. It can cure any problem if the proper precaution has been taken and regular use. With age the disorders can be controlled whether Arthritis, Menopause, Blood pressure, Heart diseases etc.

Almost 70-80% of patients have been cured with the regular use of this medicine. And early usage can also prevent from any further effect. This medicine is proved to purify blood and keep body in a healthy condition.