Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris) – Herb To Treat Male Sex Problems

Gokhsura (Latin name Tribulus terristris) is one of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs that have been used for several problems in men and women. Especially in men, it has proven to help cure urinary and reproductive system issues. The properties of Gokshura herb described in Ayurveda pharmacopeia include uro-genital tonic and safe diuretic. It is a strong herb and quite popular among folk Ayurvedic practitioners to treat men’s personal problem.

It’s very common for men to witness a decline in their sex drive especially with physical ailments and advancing age. These days many sexual enhancers in the form of pills and other supplements are available which can work wonders. But if taken for a long period, these products can prove to be detrimental. This is where the importance of natural remedies comes into play. There are many natural ways to improve sex drive in men some of which are discussed briefly here.

The first thing you need to do is cut down on your stress drastically. Relax yourself and think positively even in the most extreme situations. Increased stress enhances the level of Cortisol, the hormone that inhibits testosterone production. Another method to increase male libido naturally is to go to bed early as lack of sleep dampens your libido. Reduce the intake of both alcohol and cigarette. Besides lowering libido, this results in erectile dysfunction. These are some out of the many natural methods to increase the virility in men.

The Herbal Aphrodisiac for Low Sex Drive in Men

Gokshura tops the chart of herbal Viagra and is preferred safe herbs by holistic and Ayurvedic natural healing practitioners. This is because the herb is quite safe to use and does not produce any side or harmful effects even when taken for a long period. A powerful sex tonic has been used to increase sperm count and libido in men.

Male Sex ProblemsThe herb has been used in since ancient times of Ayurveda as it gives energy to the body cells especially the reproductive. It is also thought to stimulate the production of sex hormones in the men’s body without affecting other body systems.

How does Gokshura Increase Sperm Count in Men?

The properties of Gokshura herb (Tribulus terristris) include ‘sukral’ means the one that increase the sperm count in Ayurveda. The components in this Ayurvedic herb Gokshura are researched to increase the seminal fluid and strengthen the spermatozoa. This results in several benefits of the men sex health what we call as indications or actions of the herb when taken in proper dosage for a particular period…

  • It checks the low sex drive in men
  • It improves the quality of sperm
  • It makes the sperm healthier and nimble
  • Gokshura is known to increase sexual desire and strength
  • In some cases, Gokshura has helped cure erectile dysfunction
  • Gokshura herb is proven to help cure premature ejaculation
  • It is powerful herbal sex tonic that boosts the sexual energy in men
  • It helps increasing vigor and virility without any harmful effects
  • Helps men to stay longer in bed
  • Regular usage of Gokshura enables men to satisfy their sexual partners highly

What is the best part of Gokshura –herbal sex tonic?

The best part of this natural herbal aphrodisiac tonic is it increases the sperm count as well as improves the sperm quality. It is one of the best herbs used by Ayurvedic practitioners to treat several men sex problems. Most of other medicines (no matter modern or herbal/Ayurvedic formula) may increase the sperm count in men but then they just increase the count and do nothing to improve the quality of the sperm that is equally important.

The infertility is something when the men’s sperm are not produced in enough quantity but then another factor that work is the sperm are not strong enough to travel and reach the ovum. If the sperms are sluggish and weak, they are almost equal to dead and thus just increasing sperm count does not work. What if you have enough quantity of sperms but they are weak and cannot travel to their destination? Gokshura has proved to increase the count as well as improve the quality of the sperm by means of their speed to travel, motility and strength.

Some other uses of Gokshura as treating herb

1. Urinary problem in men and women
2. Incontinency or urine
3. Short orgasms
4. Sexual debility
5. Weak erection or loose penis
6. Improper sex climax
7. Low energy and stamina (overall)
8. Infections in urinary tract or reproductive organs
9. Low libido and sex drive in men
10. Sexual behavior problems
11. Dull moods in sexuality

Improved Sexual behavior by Tribulus terrestris –a scientific study

As stated earlier, the herb has been extensively used by folk ancient healing practitioners of Ayurveda and other alternative medicine experts for treating men sex problems. One of the rodent studies revealed that Tribulus herb is very useful as a sex booster. The behavior in sexuality and intracavernous pressure (ICP) were observed in both normal and castrated mice in context of knowing the actual role of Gokshura as powerful herbal aphrodisiac. ICP refers to blood flow into the corpus cavernosa, the main component of male organ penis.

In the study, the adult rats were divided into groups of 8 each. They were treated with distilled water (normal and castrated), testosterone and Gokshura (castrated). The results revealed great properties of this herb to treat male sex problems. As compared to castrated control, testrosterone and Gokshura treated castrated rats showed potential increase in prostate weight and ICP. There has been a mild to moderate betterment in sexuality as reported by increase in mounting index.

Gokshura –men sex tonic adopted worldwide

The herb has been used by folk Ayurvedic practitioners in India since several centuries. The herb is now getting great attention by veteran sexologists and health care providers worldwide and hence, is gradually coming into professionals practice.

There are many studies that support the men sex libido increase action of this herb. Some have studied that the toning properties of Ayurvedic sex herb Gokshura not just increase the sperm count in men but also improve the quality of sexual life by correcting the concerned hormones and chemicals.

Few groups of sex experts believe that Gokshura has better action than ginseng, the powerful sex tonic. It is to be noted here that Tribulus terristris elevates the level of testosterone in males. This action of herb is noticed due to increase in Gonadtotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) that eventually gives rise to the production of LH and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). The testosterone is responsible for men’s body building, increase in libido, improve sex stamina and several other problems the like.