Get Rid Of Migraine Without Popping Pills

Get Rid Of MigraineA simple headache sometimes drains you of energy. To get rid of the debilitating pain people usually seek quick fixes like ingesting pain pill. Drugs can provide short term relief to these persisting headaches but it is not the long lasting solution. Even medicines cannot help you in case of chronic attacks. By incorporating few activities in your daily schedule you may lessen or completely remove the headache assaults. One of the primary types of headache is migraine. Study shows that people who suffer with migraine, are not able to function well during their migraine attacks. Migraine is a long lasting and recurring bout of extreme pain in head. For controlling these migraine onslaughts without taking pills anymore, try the following useful tips and you will definitely counter some betterment not only in the aching head department but also in the overall development of your mind, soul and body’s health.


Stress, tension and anxiety are the main reasons behind any type of headache. By practicing meditation you can concentrate on attaining the calm and poised mind. The entire process of meditation is focused on slowing the heart rate that resulting in relaxed blood flow. The mind-body techniques of meditation can be a source of great relief from migraine attacks.


For doing yoga you just need fresh air and some open space. Doing yoga is very beneficial not only in your migraine but it also improves flexibility and soothes the strained muscles. During yoga you need to learn concentrating on your breathing. These in-takes and out-takes of fresh air enhances the flow of oxygen in your body.

Exercise and Work Out

Exercising secretes pain controlling and anti-depressant chemicals. People often think that an exercise may aggravate the physical pain. Rigorous poses are not recommended to everyone but mild aerobics have therapeutic effects. It is possible that you are prone to pain doing certain physical exertions. So it is necessary for you to find out such triggers. Try to choose a set of few exercises that you enjoy doing. Mild regular exercises are very beneficial for the migraine patients.


Medication may not provide significant relief in migraines. Acupressure technique applies appropriate pressure on few body points and this stimulation of pressure points helps in relieving pain. You can do acupressure at home on your own. But to do that you must have complete knowledge about the pressure points and their application.


In acupuncture fine needles are inserted at body points up to certain depth in skin to stimulate the pain relief points in nerves, muscles or connecting tissues. It helps in fighting any bodily pains by invoking body’s natural painkillers. By using acupuncture techniques you can reduce the frequency of migraine occurrence.