What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia natural treatmentFibromyalgia which is also known as FM or FMS can be defined as the widespread pain which is chronic in nature. Nobody has been able to find out the cause of this disease but people believe that it involves psychological, neuro bio logical, genetic as well as the factors related to the environment. Also, the symptoms of fibromyalgia are not limited to pain. There are a number of symptoms which indicate the existence of this disease. It has been proved that the factors in the environment and s few genes, enhance the chances of this disease. These similar factors also cause various other functional Somatic Syndrome and other Depressive disorders.

Fibromyalgia causes and symptoms

The major symptoms of Fibromyalgia are fatigue, high pain in a reaction to the tactile Pressure, Chronic widespread pain, etc. There are various other symptoms also like prolonged muscle spasm, Tingling of skin, weak limbs, pain in the nerves, twitching of muscles, palpitation, disturbances functional bowel, chronic sleep disturbances, etc.

Many a times patients can even experience Cognitive disfunction which is called fibro fog. It can be characterised with the impairment of concentration, problems associated with short as well as long term memory, consolidation of short term memory, impairment in the speed of actions, inability to do various tasks at a time, etc.

Other Symptoms attribute to co morbid disorders like myofascial pain syndrome which is also called Chronic Myofascial Pain, diffusion of non dermatomal paresthesias, functional disturbance of bowel, irritable bowel syndrome, and symptoms related to genitourinary, etc. The classification of fibromyalgia is done on the basis of the existence of widespread chronic pain, and the pain can also localize to shoulder, neck, hips, lower back, etc. Some patients may even experience Myofascial pain of various degrees and very high rate of Comorbid temporomandibular disorders in the joints.

The causes of fibromyalgia are still not known. But various hypothesis have been devised which include the central sensitization. According to this theory, patients of fibromyalgia have a low threshold towards pain due to the raised reaction of the pain sensitive nerves in brain and the Spinal cord. Along with this disease, neuropathic pain as well as other major depressive disorders also re occurs. This is mainly because of the appearance of co morbidity due to the shared Genetic abnormalities.

Fibromyalgia natural treatment

The cognitive behavioural therapy and the relative psychological or the behavioural therapies include the treatments having a small or average effect on the reduction symptoms of this disease. The greatest relief is achieved when along with exercise, CBT is also used. According to various studies, it has been proved that the multi-component treatment benefits in the short term and has effect on the key Symptoms of the FMS.

Pregabalin as well as duloxetine have been approved by Health Canada and US food and drug administration to manage fibromyalgia. FDA has also approved milnacipran. Both these drugs reduce pain of some of the patients but not all. A test conducted over two thousand patients has revealed that milnacipran is significantly effective and controls pain more efficiently than placebo. NSAIDs are not suggested by the therapists at once.