Home Remedies For The FluFever is many times believed to be a disease. But actually it’s not a disease; it’s just a signal that you are going to catch some disease. Pyrexia which is another name for fever is a sign in the medicine sign which is optimised by a rise in the temperature of the body above a common mark.

Usually 98-100 degrees is considered to be the normal temperature of the body. A rise in the temperature above this indicates fever. In turn, it causes the body to shiver, and also enhance the tone of the muscles. With a rise in the temperature of the body, the person starts feeling cold also.

Mild fever is very normal and nothing to worry about. You can just take some medicine or home remedy for it. Sometimes a mild fever is necessary for the body in order to take out excess heat of the body and allows it to take rest.

Causes of fever

Causes for fever can be numerous. It may occur due to the presence of some kind of infection in the body. If you catch fever it means that you are not able to fight with that infection and thus need medication. In such conditions, medical treatment and good food are required to be given to the patient. But many a time’s fever might occur due to something serious and thus requires attention.

Fever can be defined as the rise in the temperature of the human which is much above the normal rate.

Occurrence of fever usually relates to the stimulation of the immune system and its response. Fever may assist immune system in order to get an advantage over the infections like virus as well as bacteria. Fever makes human body less responsive to virus and bacteria. But these infections are not the sole cause of fever. Abuse of amphetamine and withdrawal of alcohol can also be causes of high temperature in the body.

Symptoms of fever

Symptoms are the feelings which the person feels while he has fever. Occurrence of fever is associated with the Signs and Symptoms of fever. These symptoms are characterized by the behavioural sickness like feeling coldness in the temperature, body shiver, loss of appetite, dehydration, depression, more sensitiveness to pain, letharginess, loss of concentration, sleepiness, excess sweat, etc.

High fever can also cause excess irritability, convulsions, delirium and confusion.

Types of fever

The type of fever depends upon the temperature, the severity and many other conditions around the patient. Fever can be continuous wherein the body temperature stays stable throughout the whole day. In such condition diseases like typhus, urinal tract Infection, labour pneumonia, typhoid, etc can happen. Intermittent is another kind of fever which occurs due to elevation of temperature only for a little while and then it becomes normal again. Such fever may be a sign of diseases like pyamia, kalaazar, malaria, etc. Neutropenic fever which is another name for Febrile neutropenia depicts an immune system which is abnormal in functioning.

Some other type of fever includes remittent fever, pelebstein fever, etc.

Fever treatments and home remedies for flu

Treatment for fever varies in accordance to the causes and symptoms of fever. For instance in case of a bacterial infection, some antibiotics can be given. Some of the common remedies for treating fever are given with the help of over the counter products also known as OTC products. These drugs are not prescribed by the practitioner as such but are commonly taken as a remedy for fever. These drugs include Tylenol which acetaminophen and an anti inflammatory drug which is no steroidal known as buprofen or advil motrin or naproxen. Aspirin is not suitable for kids as relates to the condition known as the syndrome of Reye.

Some of the home remedies also sometimes work well with fever and flu. If you have cold which you are considering just normal may cause a lot of discomfort to you. In order to avoid this misery you can opt for a few simple remedies prepared at home.

If you have a sore Throat then take around two hundred and fifty ML warm, water in a glass and put one tablespoon salt in it. Gargle with this water twice a day and you will find relief in the pain.

You can also use lemon to get rid of this pain. In a glass of Warm water squeeze a lemon and take out all the juice. Now add salt to it and gargle with it. It will instantly give relief to your sore throat by creating an acid like environment for the agile bacteria and virus.

Chicken soup is another remedy for cough and cold. It has been proved to be one of the best home remedies. It helps in stopping the WBCs to congregate and cause inflammation, which in turn prevents the prevents the formation of mucus in huge quantity. It also prevents the thinness of mucus. You can also add garlic by finely chopping it to your soup. It will give a boost to your body. It will also kill germs and help in stimulating the popping up of the original killer bacteria.

Drinking lots of water will keep your mucus membrane moist and give relief to your eyes. Liquids help in the expulsion of thin mucus.

Try to keep yourself in a moist, well ventilated and warm room so that the mucus is loosened. You can keep water in bowls in your room close to the ducts of air.

Even a blow-dryer helps in the prevention of cold. When you inhale the hot air, it helps in killing the viruses which might be working through your nostrils. Keep the dryer at warm option and not “HOT”, keep it against your face for around twenty minutes, holding it at a distance of forty five cms. Breathe the air across your nostrils with long and deep breath.

You can use wet Socks. Wear them while going to bed and it will help in clearing the congestion. The soggy socks draw the blood towards the feet. This stimulates the circulation of blood in the body. As a result, blood stabilises in the parts where the congestion is more. First warm up your feet with warm water, soak the socks in chilled water and then wear them before going to bed.