Femiplex For Leucorrhea or Vaginal Discharge Cure

Today women are the backbone of every family. No family can run without her help. There is no single day when she has not done her household chores with full energy. She is the only one who handles both her family life and her career well.

The vaginal discharge is to be differentiated between the normal and abnormal ones. The yellow vaginal discharge is a symptom of disease Leucorrhoea. The yellow discharge can cause back pain, weakness in women. The normal discharge can be different from women to women.

The herbal treatment is the best remedy for this health problem in women. Femiplex, which act as a natural antibiotic has the harsh property to deal with the Leucorrhoea or yellow vaginal discharge. The main cause of this vaginal discharge includes a state called Trichomonal vaginitis. The discharge of vagina is accompanied by itching.

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Cervicitism is another cause that gives rise to the Leucorrhoea which is usually linked with the problem like back pain. The daily dose of 2 tablets of Femiplex can ease this health problem in women.

But how many of Females get little time to stop and think about her. There are very few who even concerned about her health and get a regular checkup from her gynecologists. Survey shows around 85% of the females have back pain, arthritis, blood pressure, or some unknown problem. But the irony is that they never noticed their personal pain and try to fulfill family demands and needs.

Research on working women suggests that they ignored their personal problems because of family timings and children’s studies. Apart from having well educated these women is ignorant regarding their abnormality. There is such a problem which is overlooked by so many women these days is Vaginal Discharge or Leucorrhoea. It is an abnormality where white discharge comes out of the vagina. Many women feel this is normal. But it may get worse and lead to some serious kind of infections.

The problem of  Vaginal discharge may come with the age but there is not proof that it will not be in young ladies. The extent of discharge also varies with the age and some experience it mild but some face a very heavy discharge. The biggest mistake a lady does is to ignore it. While it can be completely cured and stopped at an early stage.

Ingredients of Femiplex:

Shilajit shuddha – 12.96 mg
Kankola – 06.48 mg
Mukta Shukti bhasma – 05.40 mg
Ashoka – 04.32 mg
Daruharidra – 04.32 mg
Godanti shuddha – 04.32 mg
Oudumbar – 04.32 mg
Ulat kambal – 04.32 mg
Shalmali – 04.32 mg
Dhanyaka – 03.24 mg
Dhataki – 03.24 mg
Gokhshura – 03.24 mg
Jeerak – 03.24 mg
Kamal – 03.24 mg
Lodhra – 03.24 mg
Madayantika – 03.24 mg
Putrajivaka – 03.24 mg
Tanduliya – 03.24 mg
Shatavari – 03.24 mg
Suvarna – 03.24 mg
Usheer – 02.16 mg
Chopchini – 02.16 mg
Japa – 02.16 mg
Mandur bhasma – 02.16 mg
Nagkeshar – 02.16 mg
Gandharas – 01.08 mg
Loh bhasma – 01.08 mg
Phitkari shuddha – 01.08 mg
Trivang bhasma – 01.08 mg

There is one of the well known causes of  Vaginal discharge problem called Trichomonal Vaginitis. This is the most commonly found cause among women.

The basic symptom of Vaginal Discharge is yellow and Frothy discharge from the Vagina. And the problem is confirmed when there is severe itching in the vaginal area leads to irritation and wetness.

It may lead to transfer of the problem to the partner after having sexual intercourse.

There is another reason of the problem of Vaginal Discharge is Monilial Vaginitis.  It occurs when a person is suffering from Diabetes Mellitus. Sometimes a pregnant woman or a lady on antibiotic course also catches this problem. Taking contraceptive pills also one of the reasons behind this problem.

The last reason behind this problem is Cervicitis. It may lead to Leucorrhoea. This is directly linked with the Backache problem.

The symptoms are constant pain in legs and muscles.

Loss of fluids from the body and itching in the region of vagina.Excessive
wetness in the vaginal area.

Among young females this problem comes by Thread worms. Having oral sex may lead to this problem. Also Inflammation of uterus may lead to the Leucorrhoea. It can be spread through STDs or sexually transmitted disease like that of Gonorrhea.

The problem can be identified and cured with timely treatment. Doctors prefer laboratory tests and to confirm that the fluid is not the infection. As there are so many reasons behind this problem which vary from different lifestyle and hygiene conditions of a lady. While long term ignorant may lead to cancer or some serious trouble.

The term Vaginal discharge is named Vonipradara in Ayurveda. Which is something comes out of the vagina. The problem if found should be taken seriously. The remedy in Ayurveda is triphala or nimbi Kwatha which are natural disinfectants.

Avoiding any kind of lotions or cosmetic product to get relieve from the problem.

  • All kinds of processed food should be avoided.
  • Liquids should be taken in a considerable amount.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetable are recommended.
  • Also proper precautions should be taken while having sexual intercourse.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to take Femiplex. This is a totally natural product which helps in eliminating this problem. Femiplex is a certified and trusted medicine which surely helps to curb this problem when taken regularly. Femiplex is herbal capsules which is getting popular due to its effects to deal with the problem.

It is made of natural ingredients like Shilajit shuddha, Ashoka, jeerak, nagkesar, japa etc all the natural herbs. And there are almost 29 herbs present in this medicine which makes it a nature’s product. Totally safe to use and trust.

Regular use of Femiplex can help remove this problem and improve the overall health of a woman. Even it helps to cure every kind of ailments regarding uterus and helps to deal with hormonal imbalances. Some of the ingredients of this medicine help in proper menstrual cycles and cure reproductive related diseases. So it can be benefited not only in Vaginal Discharge but also in reproductive valve.

If there is any mental problem because of this disease then it has some of the ingredients which help to give mental peace. So it is good for problems like stress, anxieties, mood swings etc. The mixture of herbs helps in stimulatory activity on endomerium and helps in uterus circulation. Femiplex basically has an astringent property which improves mucous membrane.

Femiplex is totally normal medicine which works on all the reproductive area. The dosage is 2 or 3 tablets per day or according to the severity of the problem. The safety measures should be taken in order to get rid of this problem.

  • To have a healthy lifestyle of proper physical activity.
  • To avoid multiple sexual partners.
  • To keep the vaginal area clean and hygiene by washing it regularly.
  • Don’t use any cosmetic product having chemicals.
  • Notice the kind of discharge and keep a check on the level of wetness.
  • Eat proper meals with lots of green veggies and fruits.

Take regular dose of this Femiplex to get instant relief and unwanted trouble. Even prolonged use of this Femiplex will not affect you bad. It will help in over all well balance of your physical parts.

So, don’t wait for any more trouble if you are among the one who are feeling pain regarding this then place an order now and get benefitted.