Extrammune for Boost Immune System

Extrammune is a therapeutic Herbal product known to cure Immunity Malfunction. With the increase in demands of our fast paced life our body attracts lots of infections and is on a higher risk of getting sick always. This is basically due to Improper functioning of Immune System.

This Ayurvedic product is full of herbs which act as an antibacterial and antimicrobial for our Immune system. This is beneficial for Immune related troubles like Peritonitis, hepatic fibrosis, jaundice, sinusitis and sepsis etc. It is very useful for Liver as prevents hepatic toxicity rises in the Liver due to CCI4.

This herb provides powerful defense mechanism to protect body against foreign particles, with the help of increase in WBC count.

Extrammune is one of the best herbal treatments in the market. It increases Immunity of a person and makes them more powerful in dealing with any kind of infections or microbial attacks. It enhances Immunity and prepares the body for any such future attacks. It provides overall rejuvenation of the body and nourishes the body.

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Piper longum
Rubica Cordifolia
Plumbago Zeylanica
Tinospora cordifoila

These are some of the main herbs present in the Extrammune. They all are well known in Ayurvedic world in eradicating infections. They are prove to increase overall well being of a person.

All other treatments or products present in the market are full of chemical treatments but Extrammune is the one which is a natural herb having zero side effects. It is suitable to all age groups. Even so many people around the world are taking this medicine early because of its long term effects on overall health.

It is recommended to those patients having lack of Immunity, Gastric problems, any Injury, excessive stressful life, general weakness or fatigueness in the body.

Benefits of using Extrammune:

  • Its regular use helps in eradicating infections in the body.
  • It nourishes the digestive system and helps to increases metabolism.
  • It treats all bacterial and microbial infections.
  • It increases resistance of the body to withstand any infections and exposures.
  • This herb cures Dyspepsia, general debility of the body.
  • It also cures all Urinary infections and smoothen the tract with the elimination of wastes.
  • It proves beneficial in fevers or pyrexias caused due to viruses.
  • It is also beneficial in removing stones present in the Urinary tract.
  • It cures Ulcers.
  • It protects tissues from Tumors and hence increases their resistance to fight against tumors cells.
  • With its increased production of WBC it helps to heal up cuts and wounds easily.
  • It also provides strengthen body from any kind of allergies.
  • It is also good fro all respiratory infections.

Boost Immune system:

Extrammune is well recommended for all kinds of Intestinal and digestive related problems. It is a good treatment for hyperacidity or and intestinal malfunctioning.

It is also beneficial for sexually transmitted diseases. It can be taken in case of Gonorrhea. It protects body from chemical and free radicals attacks.

It is evident that for healthy functioning of Immune system one should follow a particular diet rich in Vitamins like A, B2, B6, C, D etc. with the help of these vitamins and mineral needed for our body our immune system gets proper nourishment. They all are one way or the other responsible for producing antioxidants and other cells in our body needed for normal functioning of the body.

Smoking, Stress, and sedentary lifestyle with minimal exercise reduce the level of Strength in the body.

Supplement for Immune system:

Extrammune is the best known supplement for our body. It provides all the required vitamins and mineral mixture to the Immune systems function. It is the one such product which is having both anti allergic and anti bacterial properties.

Extrammune is just like a normal dietary supplements used to provide overall health and resistance to the infections.

An immune cell also gets suppressed with the Obstruction of Bile flow from the liver. This condition gives rise to the Cholestasis or Jaundice. With the regular use of Extrammune one can regain their liver functioning and helps to fight against infections.

It also cures inflammation of abdominal wall infection due to Bacteria E. coli. This herb helps to increase in eliminating all the bacteria from the gut.

Strengthen Immune System:

Our Immune system is very important for our healthy life. There are so many microorganisms present in the atmosphere which attack our body. Due to weak Immune system our defense system gets weaker and we attract infections. And prolonged weaker Immune system infects our normal body functioning and making us sick all the time.

WBC count is also responsible for catching diseases. WBC or Lymphocytes are the protecting agents of our body present in the bone marrow in our body.

It is comprised of 3 types which are:

T cells
B cells
Natural Killer cells or NK cells.

They have different functions like NK cells kill the infected cells by cytotoxic granules. T cells kill the antigens. Lastly B cells produce the antibodies against antigens. Extrammune helps to increase the T cells and cytokines production in the body.

Extrammune helps to enhance the function of macrophages and immune cells present in the body and provides them strength to fight against any infections.

How to increases Immune system naturally:

The Immune system of a normal middle aged person is better than an old aged person because with time Immune system lacks the required strength to fight against microorganisms. But it is proved through various studies that those who are taking regularly Extrammune are able to fight against these infections in their old age.

Even increased level of Stress is also one of the reasons of getting infections. Those who are taking too much Stress are more prone to get sick early. There are chances that due to HIV virus our Immune system stops its functioning. This can also prevented with the help of Extrammune.