Eczema Treatment

Eczema also known as atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema (it is the most common form of eczema) is a chronic skin condition where sin becomes itchy, redden, cracked and dry. About 30% of skin diseases in Europe are diagnosed as eczema mostly atopic eczema. Atopic eczema is one which attacks at a very small age. Mostly children suffer from this form of eczema. It has an equal impact on both the genders and people from different ethnic identities. It also has an adverse effect on the Indian population. It is mostly seen in the old aged people in India and the tropical climate of India makes it even harder cope up for the patients.

Treatment for Eczema:

Eczema is very old known disease to India and Indians. The ancient Indians used Neem (Margosa) (Azadirachta indica) for various purposes. It is the panacea for various diseases. May be that’s why Neem worshiped all over India. Eczema also comes to the list treated by Neeem. Neem oil is the best treatment for eczema. Neem works an antiseptic, and a coolant to the eczema patients. As it is a natural remedy it is not going to hurt or mar the patient in any case.

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As Eczema attacks the patient’s immune system, Neem helps in strengthening the immune system of the patient. The natural remedies for the disease are all related with neem.

There are some other treatments of eczema:

  • antihistamines, for severe itching
  • oral corticosteroids, for severe symptoms
  • antibiotics, for infected eczema
  • topical immunosuppressant’s (which reduce or suppress the patient body’s immune system)


Consult to the patient General Physician before taking any change to the patient’s diet chart. Milk, eggs and nuts are some foods are some particular foods which a patient of eczema should avoid. Don’t avoid these until the patient physician says and provides some supplement for it.

Emollients to cure eczema:

The elements that soften the patient skin are mentioned to be emollients. There are some of these which are useful in eczema disease too. The patient may ask his Physician for an emollient or refer to these:

  • an ointment used for a very dry skin
  • a cream or a lotion for a less dry skin
  • emollients used for the patient face and hands
  • a different one to use on the patient body

Topical corticosteroids:

These are some ointments which are prescribed when there is some inflaming sensation on skin. It s applies directly to the skin and the patients are relieved from the skin inflammation caused by the disease. The patients must refer the Physicians for these too.

The best remedy:

The best remedy for the disease is Neem. Ayurveda believes that the diseases are due to the problems in the digestive system and the blood. They try to relieve the skin in these diseases and provide the patients with neem medicines to cure their digestive tract along with an attempt to purify their blood. Though the patient may not feel it easy to intake these Neem medicines due to their bitter tastes but it is the best he can be provided with.