treatment of DiarrheaDiarrhea is a very common problem of Stomach. In this problem there is frequent excretion of stool. The excretion is mostly in watery content or some lose stool which results into dehydration in the patient. Due to excessive excretion the body becomes weak and unstable.

In Diarrhea the Body loses fat so quickly that in severe cases the patients needs to be admitted to the Hospital. Basically the function of Intestine is to breakdown food particles into small pieces and then absorbs all nutrients from it. Then the remaining waste becomes feces. These feces get eliminated from the body on a daily basis but due to occurrence of some of infection or irregularity there occur frequent elimination of feces.

Due to watery and loss of liquid from the excretion of feces the body becomes dehydrated and weak. The basic reason of occurrence of this problem is some bacterial infection which upsets the Stomach. Either the drinking water is contaminated or impure. This impure water infects the abdomen and causes irregular excretion. The other types of this infection can be Typhoid, cholera etc. The other reason might be unhygienic food we eat. The infected food leads to food poisoning in the Stomach.

The most probable reason is dirty hand which passes germs and other bacteria in the Stomach and causes Diarrhea. The common symptoms may be frequent excreting, pain in the Stomach. There can be excessive watery and liquid excretion from the stomach. If Diarrhea remains untreated it can be life threatening as the body loses electrolyte easily.

The Diarrhea attacks the children and small babies as their Immunity is not that strong and their body is developing. So, it becomes lot more important to treat the children’s as early as possible. In children this problem leads to dry mouth, lose and dry skin of the body. The body becomes weak and loss of stamina to walk properly. The vomiting can be followed by excretion in certain cases.

The primary treatment of Diarrhea is to rehydrate the body. Due to excessive loss of liquids from the body there occurs acute need of liquid in the body especially salt water. The food to be given to the patient should be light and in small servings. Along with the medication there is a serious need to take care of hygiene and food. Drink only the Boiled water and eat hygienic food. In some quick healing an Oral rehydrating solution is being given to the patients in order to sooth the Stomach.

The child should be given regular and small serving of 6-7 times a day. The pulses water is best home remedy to cure the ailment. Also Neem, Tulsi or basils can be used in order to curb the infection of the Stomach. A turmeric powder, Ginger and coriander leaf works best to heal the infections.

But make sure there should be proper cleanliness in the servings as the infection can be cause of this disease. The bacterial infection can be totally curbed if timely curing is given to the patients before it gets out of control.