What is Depression

natural herbs for depressionDepression is the most common problem these days. It is the malfunctioning of certain Brain Nerves which leads to Negative behavior of the person. It is a mental disease caused mainly due to sedentary lifestyle. Depression is the set of different feelings of the person which gets Unfulfilled with time. The word “Desire” in today’s world is the main cause of this Depression.

Due to hectic life and so many things to do the people often feels frustrated which if takes a long time then converts into Depression. It is also the accumulation of Negative feeling inside the Mind of the person. The desires often suppress the Positive feelings which culminate into lots of negativity and resentment in a person.

Different Types of Depression

Depression can occur in so many types depending upon the lifestyle of the person and their Age groups. But one can find clinical types of this problem as:

Maniac Depression: In this type of depression the patient often feels Mood swings which results into unstable attitude of the patient. They often vary from certain quiet behavior to certain drastic changes like throwing things here and there or injuring some one etc. In this type of Depression the patient is often carried away with the changes in the chemicals of their Brain waves. This type of patient often gets out of control after continuous ignorance.

Psychotic Depression: This type is the name of hallucination where the patient hears certain sounds or voices which are not present there. They might feel something going wrong around them but in reality all these things doesn’t exist. Prolonged feeling of this type may leads to Schizophrenia which is the severe case of Depression. The patient often imagines certain things which are just in their dream world.

Bipolar Depression: In this type of Depression the patient is having different personalities like sometime very serene or sometimes very unsteady and angry. In this phase the patient remains confused or the state of mind remains haphazard.

Atypical Depression: This type leads to certain changes in body like weight gain, weight loss, headaches, fatigue, mood changes, feeling of remain sleeping all the time or ignoring there schedules or escapist behavior. Even in some cases the patient overeats in order to avoid the feeling of Depression or tension.

Dysthymia Depression: It is the type of Depression which is found in every person which includes feeling or ignorance or dejected by the peers or family. In this type the patient often feels lack of motivation to live or to carry out their lifestyle perfectly. This type is often makes the patient low in morale, shredded personality, and irregular body types etc. The patient often feels unimportant and remains aloof from the others.

Symptoms of Depression

The symptom of Depression is very much different as compared to all other diseases. The symptoms often vary from age and lifestyle to degree of the problem. In certain cases the patient is suffering from Depression remains ignorant. In some other cases the chemical imbalances leads to drastic changes in the personality of the person. But one thing remains sure that the patient knows that there are certain changes which are taking place in their body and mind.

Some of the frequent changes which one can find are:
  • Lots of Negative behavior in the Personality.
  • The Attitude of the person is very much destructive.
  • Feeling of hopelessness, lack of confidence, dejection feeling etc.
  • The patient is often find changes in their Mood like from quiet to extreme anger or shouting etc.
  • Feeling sad and left out is also very common symptom.
  • The patient lives alone and tries to break all relation from their friends and family. The feeling of crying all the time is also one of the symptoms in this problem.
  • The patient ignores any social activity and tries to remain in their world.
  • Suicidal attempts are also one of the things which can be noticed in order to figure out this problem.
  • The patient often complains about the life, the happening or any other reason all the time.
  • The feeling of exhaustion or fatigue is there.
  • The person listens or hears certain sounds like phone ringing or door bells ringing all the time.
  • The person cannot accept challenges which make them often left out in the society.
  • The patient is often irritable and lack of any interest in performing any job is there.
  • The patient can be angry all the time and lacks in Sexual desires.
Causes of Depression

Depression can be caused from any reasons which vary from person’s lifestyle to their family support. But the level varies from its continuous ignorance. The main causes of Depression are:

The common cause of Depression is Heredital effect. Due to family history patient is often found suffering from this problem.

Others are: Sedentary lifestyle which include lacks of physical exercise or movements which leads to dull mental and physical activity. Eating lots of processed food which leads to imbalances of the chemicals in the Brain.

Constant pressure or competition leads to depression also. Some financial or marital problems also lead to this disease. Some trauma or accidents can be a reason to affect from this problem.

Treatments of Depression

Depression is a curable disease which can be treated with the help of medicines. There are certain medical treatments which mainly deal with the chemical imbalances in the body but after some time the symptoms of the Depression started occurring again. So, it is recommended using only the herbal products which provides permanent relief from the problem.

Natural Herbs for Depression

Natural Herbs for DepressionAshwagandha is a popular name in the Herbal supplements section which is expertise in providing relief from Depression. Ashwagandha is being used since ages in order to get soothing effect to the Mind and relaxes the nerves. Its essence helps to calm down the disturbed neurons in the Brain. Today Ashwagandha powder or pills are easily accessible in order to cure this problem.

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