Depression Diet Plan

Depression is something which can be cured with the help of proper Lifestyle. A well balanced Diet pattern and proper physical exercise is the secret to remain Depression free. Any one can find change in their mental tension with the help of eating right and staying right. But one thing should be kept in mind is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not a pressurized one.

Leaving Stress behind can improve the both physical as well as mental health of the person. One thing one needs to do is to avoid the Stress. Then one should always introspect about the things going in their Mind. Before making a Diet plan of the Depression patient one needs to look into factors that affect the Depression.

Depression can be due to Overeating, irregular eating or eating inadequate diet. So, one should make a plan according to the type of one’s habits. In case of over weight Depression patient choose the food in raw form like boiled vegetables, pulses and lots of fruits. Avoid salty, sugary food items, chocolates, coffee, tea, processed or fats food items etc. All these food Block the proper functioning of the brain cells and makes them inactive.

For the patient who are underweight and eat really less should include nutritious food like freshly cooked meals almost 4-5 times a day, Milk, and milk products, butter etc adds healthy lifestyle of the person. One can also take dry nuts like Almonds, cashew, walnuts which are good for Brain functioning and increases memory. So, ones Diet plan plays vital role in functioning of the Body and Brain as well.

Foods which help in Curbing Depression

curb DepressionFoods to curb Depression play a very important role in everybody’s life. Whatever food we eat reflects our Thinking and Feeling pattern. Depression is deeply increased with the food we eat. If we eat all the salty, Sugary, Processed, unhygienic food that will add in our Boredom, Negativity, Loss of happiness, decreased interest in life and suddenly frustrated from the lifestyle also.

But on the other hand if we eat a well balanced and nutritious diet we can subsequently add years in our Life. Also the life span becomes more qualitative. Diet plays a crucial role in Developing our Brain and Physique. So, whatever food we choose we should be aware of there results also.

Some of the highly recommended food that everyone should eat is Fresh fruits which are seasonal and available also. Then one should always eat all the Fruits in small quantity that will add all the Vitamins and Minerals supply inside the Body. Another thing one should do is to eat only natural vegetables and Pulses. Vegetables and Pulses contain wonderful supplements which are good for all kinds of Minerals and roughage. Fiber content in our Diet should be high which is very good for our Health.

Lack of liquid quantity in our Diet makes us feel Depressed. Actually Liquid content in our body is about 70% which should be maintained, but due to our irregular habits we tend to remain starved for long or take soft drinks and other chemically treated drinks. This often ends up in adding irregular chemicals in our body and specially Brain area. So, liquid should be in the form of water which should be taken regularly.

Liquid content also helps in purification of the body which cleans our body parts from inside and takes away all the germs and dead cells from the body. This is having refreshing effect in the body. The Sea food is very well recommended to non vegetarian patients. Eggs, fishes etc add supplements in the body to fight against various diseases.

One thing one needs to do is to increases the Immunity which protects our Brain from degeneration also. Increasing the Immunity of the body provides mental strength also. This ultimately protects from any kind of excessive pressure on the Brain areas.

Various Supplements in dealing with the Depression

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) SupplementsBrahmi Supplement in case of Depression can be all those things which minimize the effects of Depression and try to curb the problem. The things which eases the patient after eating is something which are beneficial in dealing with the Depression. Among various Supplements one of the best is Brahmi. Brahmi is a Natural and herbal product. It is the purest form of herb which is not only beneficial but proves to be of great use in Depression cases.

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Brahmi is an Ayurvedic medicine which is not medically made but herbal in making. It contains zero chemicals or any artificial extracts. Brahmi is wonderful in every case whether the patient is having some deep rooted cause or any other clinical cause.

Brahmi is also used in various oils as it soothes the Brain cells when massage on the head. It is also being used in treating Insomnia. This is such a problem which every body is dealing with, but the long term result of insomnia is Depression itself. In order to deal with initial stages of Depression one should use Brahmi as natural Supplements in dealing with the Depression. Brahmi decreases the fatigue of the cellular system also. It is also good in case of headaches specially in case of Migraine pain, Anxiety, Frustration. In depression there are chances of Nervous breakdown which can be easily averted with the regular use of Brahmi. It is also seen in various cases that it increases the memory of the patient after sometime. This provides the confidence to there morale.

The menopausal effects can also be easily dealt with the help of Brahmi. It gives the stamina to deal with the changes going inside the body. Even it diminishes the drastic changes of the Menopause or hormonal effects. It maintains the Blood flow inside the Brain cells and helps them to function according to the need of the person. It is also good incase of various allergies of the body or any reaction of particular food. Brahmi maintains the normal body functions.