Every day we come across people who suffer from cough. Cough is a sudden occurring reflex which clears the breathing passages from microbesecretions and foreign particles. It can happen voluntarily or involuntarily. Many viruses and bacteria act as a host to cough and help to spread the disease. Cough causes lots of uneasiness and embarrassment.

Cough can be a regular thing for lots of people but long term occurrence of Cough can prove to be deadly. This can give rise to Infections in the Respiratory track. And if Respiratory track gets infected then it affects whole of the system.

Cough is one such problem which if treated timely and can prevent lots of other problems. Cough can damage Lungs by blocking the respiration system. It slows the perspiration process and which leads to accumulation of lots of germs and Bacteria in the body. Prolonged Cough leads to dysfunction of Lungs and Respiration system. Due to Cough the Chest can be blocked and then it can damage the perspiration. But treated Cough is the easiest way to keep away from other problem caused due to Cough.

Causes Of Cough

Cough can be caused by so many reasons but most of the reasons belong to our environment effects. Some of the reasons of getting Cough are:

Due to Change in weather, like when season changes and it gives rise to extreme dryness or humidity in the weather which is the main reason in accumulating cough in the chest. Even exposure to dirt or dust infects the lungs and causes Cough.

Certain germs or viruses infects the throat and accumulate cough over there. This process is initiated with the cold and slowly this gives rise to cough and jammed chest. In some cases the person is unable to speak properly as they feel pain in the Chest.

Cough can be caused due to Smoking or continuous exposure to Air pollution. This is because when polluted air enters into the body it causes severe damage and Cough arises. If there is any kind of Respiratory tract infections then Cough can be the resultant effect of that.

In some cases the person is having diseases of Chronic Bronchitis which makes the person susceptible to have Cough and Congestions.

In some rare case certain type of Tumor or disorder present in the Lungs can cause Cough.

Types Of Cough

Dry / nonproductive cough – It does not cause mucus discharge from respiratory track when we cough.Dry cough produce noise as compare to other types of cough.

Whooping cough / productivecough – This type of cough comprises of some discharge. The discharge could be white, yellow, or bloody in color, indicating the seriousness of the problem.

Painful cough bronchitis – Painful cough is the one which causes pain in lungs or chest. In this type of Cough problem the person feels severe pain in the Chest which enables him to breathe normally.

Treatment And Symptoms of Cough

Cough commonly treated with cough syrups or some Steam. This is the set procedure that everyone follows. But it is noticed that Cough is not a simple thing which can be dealt with normal solutions. There are various remedies that one can follow but one should always choose the most suitable and best solution. Among any kind of treatments Herbal remedies are the best Healing remedies for the Cough and Congestion. The Ayurvedic remedies are the best remedies for any kind of problem.

Herbal supplements provide the overall treatment for any person. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals which causes prolonged dependency on the medicines. There is no limit to use these products as they are totally natural. They are just like a natural way to cure the problem. It is being recommended that one should have hygienic and proper intake of liquid to keep food pipe free from germs.

Some people think that the cough is just normal congestion of the Chest which takes little time and after that it is clear. But the misconception among the people leads to long term occurrence of the problem.

Mere saving little money on early treatment leads to spending lots of money latter. So, one should be aware about the occurrence of the cough and also its treatments. Some people are allergic to certain chemicals or products due to which they are unable to cure this problem. But now Herbal products are the best way to heal the problem and also help them to regain their healthy system.

Cough can be judged when the person is unable to Breathe normally. The chest feels heaviness; continuous irritation is there in the Chest. The respiration is also difficult and makes the person unable to relax or sleep. Initially the Cough is normal accumulation of Mucous, but after sometime the Cough gets immersed inside the Lungs and block the passage.


It is a natural Ayurvedic anti allergic,anti-microbial medicine. It fights against all types of cough and provide vitamin and nutrient supplements. It is a home remedy for cough as it contains herbal plants (rare herbal plants); it is made by mixing those plants extracts. Our throat is a sensitive area as we take lot of work from it so it requires proper care also. Kofol is the one which provide proper care as it clears all bacteria, microbes from the throat. It not only cures the infection of throats rather it provides supplements to healthroat. Kofol help in curing various chest infections also.

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It provides benefits to patients who suffered from chest congestion or breathing problem. A survey declared that a person who take Kofol regularly is 70-80% protective from seasonalchanges. This protection is developed because Kofol provide us the strong immune system. Thus it can be said that this is a multipurpose medicine curing lungs, throat, larynx and increases immunity. For good results, take Kofal for 20-30 days to have soothing effects.

In fact Ayurvedic medicines provide permanent solution to any kind of problem. Once this medicine is being taken it completely cures the Cough and Congestion and also reduces the occurrence of the Cough again.