What is Constipation?

Constipation is the Digestive instability. It is not a disease but can take the shape of abnormality after constant problem. Constipation is basically the ingestion occur in the Stomach. The rectum doesn’t clean properly this gives the feeling of incomplete excretion of the Feces.

Constipation is a common problem where hard stool makes it difficult to eliminate it from rectum. Due to hardness of the feces the person feels pain and sometimes cuts in the Anus in order to excrete the stool. In extreme cases the patient injured their anal part and sometimes Blood comes out due to injury.

As soon as this problem occurs occasionally it is not troublesome but once it becomes habit or in regular interval it can take the shape of some diseases. The person needs to take into consideration the type of food they are eating and also their physical activity which helps in proper elimination of feces.

Constipation occurs when the stool is hard and feeling of incomplete excreta occurs. The person finds it difficult in excreting the stool. Due to constant state of Constipation the Colon becomes Toxic and becomes susceptible in catching other problems. The feces become dry due to Colon action as colon absorbs water from the stool and makes it dry and hard.

How to cure Constipation:

How to cure ConstipationConstipation can be easily cured with some of the Dietary changes. The person needs to include more of Fiber content in the diet as it helps in easily eliminating of feces from the Stomach. Another important thing which plays a crucial role in helping stool to excrete from the body is Water or liquid content. It is really important to drink lots of water in order to clean the Rectum and help feces to move quickly. Dehydration might block the rectum and excretion.

Intake of chemicals or other medicine supplements might react in the rectum and stool blockages. So, any treatment which includes lots of chemical intake should be avoided. Try to treat any problem with natural products.

Changes in Hormones might be one of the reasons of constipation. While hormonal changes affect the internal functioning including slow metabolism or improper digestion of food. Irritable Bowl movement can be a reason of Constipation. Due to lack of roughage in the food the constipation can occur.

Physical inactivity is also one of the main reasons of occurrence of Constipation. Lack of body movements might fix the feces from the rectum wall which makes it difficult to move out from the stomach.

So, one should take into consideration the food items one is eating like more of fruits and fresh vegetables. Eating lots of cereals and green vegetables is very much necessary for the problem of constipation. A well balanced nutritional diet including eggs, butter, yoghurt, milk products, juices etc can help in the problem of constipation.

Also drinking lots of water makes it helpful in excreting the feces from the body. Water or liquid can help in moving stool easily from the Anus and also maintains their moisture content.

One needs to avoid processed food, oily and spicy food also. While drinking coffee and tea can be the reason of Constipation for many patients. Avoid any artificial drugs or chemicals and stick to Natural or herbal treatment which is very good for the digestive activity also.

Following some of the yoga or jogging can help in increasing Bowl movement. Yoga helps in eliminating the stick stool in the rectum and also movements can help in easily elimination of the feces from the Anus. Doing some breathing exercise can help in eliminating toxins from the body.

Depression, Stress and Anxiety might be one of the reasons of Constipation. Because the body becomes anxious and lots of changes occur in the internal body functions. So, it becomes really important to remain Stress free and calm.

Triphala: It is an Ayurvedic product which is best to cure constipation. It is a healthy product to help in eliminating feces from the body. Triphala increases the Immunity of the digestive system which protects it from microbial attacks. Triphala is also called as Internal Cleanser for the body which eliminates all kinds of impurities from the Digestive track. Regular consumption of Triphala increases the metabolic activity and increases the Digestive activity also. It is very good product to ease the Bowl movements and eliminate its irritability. It is a natural product and is suitable to every age group. Triphala doesn’t contain any chemicals or harmful toxins which makes it the best choice among others. It is also contains no side effects for digestive activity.

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Some of the remedies of Constipation:

Constipation can only be cured with Herbal treatment. As herbal products is abundance in nutritional value and provide added vitamins and mineral to the body.

Adding nutritional value in your diet can help in providing nourishment to the body and increases the Digestion. First of all fix a proper wake up time in the morning which is suitable so that body becomes used to that regime. Try some yoga or meditation tips in order to provide flexibility to the body.

Avoid sedentary life style which increases the chances of abnormal functioning. Try to remain fit and active for long. Avoid Alcohol content because it is very much harmful for the body as well as Digestive activity.

Eat more of simple and organic food than oily, heavy and too much processed food. Eating less is also a main thing to keep in mind. Overeating causes disturbances in Digestive system which avoid stool elimination.

Intake of Fruits like Papaya, Apple can help in the process of digestion. While whole grain products are good option instead of wheat products. Amla, Neem extracts, Triphala, Aswagandha, can be the best source of Nutrition for the digestive system.

Changes in routine can help in increasing the function of the body. Proper sleep is the main relaxing technique for balancing the process of digestion. Proper Sleep can help in providing Stress free life which helps in normal body functioning.