Constipation Treatments

Constipation is the Digestive irregularity. It is the dysfunction of Digestive system. In this problem the patient feels difficulty in excreting the feces. This problem can occur to every age group whether child, young or old aged. But this is one such problem which affects almost everybody.

Constipation is caused due to so many reasons like Lack of proper diet. Eating insufficient or not according to the body type leads to constipation. The child eats irregular food which may cause Constipation. This problem remains their daily chores as the diet remains insufficient.

Even in young people they faced this problem when the study level is very high or under constant pressure. This upsets the digestive activity which leads to constipation. In middle aged people the stress level is very high this is the root cause of constipation.

Then old aged people faced this problem due to their Digestive system become weak and inefficient. During old age the person is having slow metabolic rate which is not sufficient to break the food particles easily. This often makes them feels constipation.

This is the problem of not only the Digestive system but also the Rectum area. Sometimes the rectum is unable to clear stool due to presence of any kind of microbes in it. Infection in the digestive system or around that area can also stops proper excretion.

Constipation is not just the problem but can take the shape of serious illness. Even in certain cases the patient becomes dependent upon medication to excrete properly. If the Rectum is not cleared properly then it can leads to some kind of Impurity in the body.

Treatment of Constipation:

There are various treatments available in the market but the most trustworthy one is Ayurvedic. As Ayurvedic is the only way to deal with this kind of problem. Ayurvedic herbs have special herbs which are proved to be the best treatment for the problem of Constipation.

Constipation if needed to be cured permanently then the one and only thing should be done is to follow herbal treatment. Herbal products are the only way which protects and cure the Constipation problem. Natural products are very soothing and gentle for the digestive system. It helps to nourish the body and provides it the power to break down the food particles properly. Ayurvedic treatment means using only chemical free and natural products. These also have no side effects which also make it important to use.

Otherwise there are various other treatments like Chemicals, medicines, which are full of artificial products. But Ayurvedic is only way which is free from any artificial ingredients.

If the person is dependent upon Natural products then their body becomes natural and heals naturally. This also helps in age related problems. Even with age the person is unable to control this problem only timely dosage can provide it the proper relief. This also supports age related lack of Metabolic arte also.

Natural Cure for Constipation:

Natural Cure for ConstipationConstipation can be cured and relieved with the help of Natural herbs. Natural way is the complete protection towards the problem and also its root cause. Constipation can be cued with eating only natural food. The vegetables consist of Green leafy vegetables are the best source of roughages which provides relief from constipation.

Pulses or cereal is the best way to add energy level of the body and provide it accurate metabolism. While dairy products are suitable to nourish the digestive system. Various kinds of juices, soups, milk, etc is very good for the healthy body. In order to maintain the fiber quantity in the body the fruits and vegetables are to be taken in equal quantity.

Constipation is the problem which is directly linked with what one eats. It is that problem which is dependent upon our food and lifestyle. Little amount of Stress can prove to be problematic for the body. If the Stress level is very high then the person is unable to excrete properly.

Even sleep is one such thing which is very important in order to have proper and functional digestive system. A proper sleep can help to get improved digestive organs. It provides rest to the activity and thus helps to have faster function.

Exercise is one such way which is perfect in order to maintain the proper metabolic rate and improves the Immunity. Exercise improves the immunity and provides strength to fight against various microbial attacks. Doctors recommend eating right, sleeping right and jogging right for a healthy body as well as mind.

In order to maintain a well groomed body one should have proper food, plenty of water to remove all kinds of bacteria or microbes. Water helps to purify the system and also provides it the required time to fight with the microbes.


Triphala is a purest Ayurvedic product which is also called as internal cleanser. It cleanses the digestive system and acts on problem area. Triphala increases the metabolic rate thus initiates the process of Digestion. It strengthens the Digestive system and enables it to have smooth functioning. Triphala is that product which clears the infections from the Digestive organ. It helps to removes all kind of jammed waste things from the Rectum.

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Triphala works gentle to the digestive organ this provides the best treatment to remove constipation. Regular usage can helps to get smooth digestion and also excretion also improves. The person doesn’t feel tightness or hardening of Stool. It removes toxins from the digestive organs and thus helps to nourish the system.

Triphala is having purifying effect for the body. It works best on gastrointestinal tract and its abnormality. It also provides best and natural antioxidants to the body. This helps to improve the overall functioning of the body. It initiates the bowl movements. Triphala is also good for Kidney filtration and liver juice productions.

Due to natural mixture present in this product it is the most preferred option incase of Constipation. It is being used since ages as it proves to be effective for the body also.