Constipation Prevention

Constipation is nothing but the abnormality of Digestive system. In this problem the stomach cannot digest the food particles properly and therefore their excretion becomes difficult. It is both the hardening of the feces and also difficulty in excretion problem.

This problem is very common these days. Almost everybody suffers from this problem whether due to physical or psychological situations. This problem occurs due to certain reasons but they differ from person to person depending upon their lifestyle.

Constipation is the problem which is directly linked with lifestyle changes. Due to change in our lifestyle today we faced so many problems which gives rise to some abnormal body functioning. We are not able to give time to ourselves which ultimately gives rise to some problems.

But providing little bit time to our health can give us long life satisfaction. We just need to notice when our body is getting disturbed or some abnormal behavior occurs. We can easily avoid any ailment if timely prevention is taken.

Constipation is such a problem which cannot be tackled with taking medicines only but it is such a trouble which needs both physical and mental peace. If there is little demarcation from normal behavior then this problem occurs. By providing peace to the mind one can develop a smooth functioning.

Constipation can best be cured with Herbal supplements. Ayurvedic products are the only sure way which provides full proof Curing. Ayurvedic products have natural herbs which are good for everybody. They provide a natural healing treatment.

Herbal supplements are free from any chemicals which are harmful for the body. Herbal supplements are gentle for the body. They are very good in maintaining the normal Digestive function. They nourish the Stomach and clear out all kinds of impurities from it. With regular intake of these products they enhance the metabolic rate and Immunity of the person. Any infection if affects the person can be easily get rid of with the help of herbal products.

How to prevent Constipation:

How to prevent ConstipationConstipation can be prevented with some of the easy tips which when followed by anyone can find solace from Constipation. One should look for natural ways to live their life. This means living life with proper routine.

When the person is suffering from this problem then never ever takes cold things. Try to avoid cold water or refrigerated eatables. Drink only Luke warm water.

In order to prevent this problem one should eat green vegetables. This will add roughages which is very good for Digestion process. Green vegetables help in smoothing the process of excretion.

Take Whole grain products instead of other processed food materials. This can provide easily digestible activity. One should take fruits if possible as this will add fiber content in the body. Fruits can provide fiber which helps to balance the digestion process.

Dairy products like Milk, butter, Yoghurt etc are very good to nourish the body in order to have good digestion. Even a person should eat eggs, fish as this can provide good dietary ingredients.

One should eat a balanced diet with cereals or pulses, vegetables, rice and whole wheat in equal quantity. Even hot milk is recommended at night in order to have normal functioning of Stomach.

Lemon juice and honey in one glass of Luke warm water in the morning can best provide smooth elimination of feces.

Little exercise in the morning can provide Good bowl movements. Yoga or Jogging can help in proper digestion of the food particles and also stimulate the digestive activity.

Eating Amla, Oranges, Papaya etc are good way to maintain our physical functions. As fruits add our proper body functioning. Black Pepper, Neem, Tulsi, is proved to be wonderful in case of Constipation.

Ways to avoid constipation:

There are so many ways to avoid Constipation. Few of the things a person can do like:

Avoid Stress in order to avoid Constipation. Stress is the root cause of Constipation. Due to Stress the body cannot function normally. Stress produces certain Chemicals inside the body which inhibits the Digestive activity.

Avoid tea or Coffee as this may block the Anus and can prone to be worse for the normal health of the person. Caffeine products should be totally avoided by the person suffering from Constipation.

Adequate Sleep is very much necessary for our physical well being. As Sleep can enhance our body functioning and provide us good life. Sleep provides us rest which prepares our body for another day’s struggle. So, a good and quality Sleep can change our digestive function and activity.

Avoid processed food. This includes Oily stuff, processed food, packed food items, soft drinks, and other artificial products which can minimize our digestive activity and stops its functions. Even unhygienic food also carries lots of germs which inhibits our Stomach functioning.

Avoid taking unnecessary medicines which causes blockage in the anal area. Medicines contain harmful ingredients which causes disturbances in the Anus.

Avoid overeating which is really bad for the health. Over eating can slow the process of digestion. With eating lots of stuffs the person can harm the stomach and its function. Avoid taking heavy meals at night especially. Take light and easily digestible food at night.


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