Constipation Causes

Constipation is a problem of Ingestion. It is a gastrointestinal ailment. This is a common problem today. There are so many people right from the children to youngsters to old aged everybody is suffering from Constipation.

Constipation is normal if the person is on fasting but if some change in diet which causes Constipation then it should be noticed. Constipation cannot be indentified as the life is very busy and cumbersome. But the person needs to take into consideration the changes from normal lifestyle.

Constipation means less of peristaltic movement which causes ingestion. Due to some of the factors the food particles don’t break down which might cause constipation. Constipation can gives rise to Bowl irritability, Gastric problem, feeling of fullness, nausea, vomiting etc.

The body feels fatigue due to heaviness that hampers due to constipation. The person always feels lethargic which even makes them lazy. This includes weight gain and fat accumulation especially around the waist area. The stomach looks fatty and lower abdomen is always tight.

The few symptoms of Constipation include feeling of left over in the stomach which gives rise to tension. Also using frequent toilet in order to excrete. The problem of constipation seems serious when it is for long like a week long problem. But in some cases the Bleeding occur in order to excrete with force.

The treatment can be of many kinds but this problem can best be handled with Herbal supplements. As Ayurvedic products are famous for giving complete cure to the problem. This is only herbal cure which balances the Stomach activity naturally. An herbal supplement provides nourishment to the Digestive track and makes it easy to excrete the feces.

Even regular usages of Herbal products provide the required strength to the digestive organ and enhance their Immunity. This further helps in protecting the organ from microbial attacks.

One can improve the digestive function with little change in their lifestyle like sleep right, eat right and live more healthy life. One needs to maintain the right amount of roughages, fiber, liquid and other mineral supplements in their diet. This can ultimately improve the normal function.

Causes of Constipation

Constipation can occur due to different reasons in different people. It affects so many people but according to their Age, Sex, lifestyle, Eating habits and Stress levels. The people who are being affected by this problem remain ignorant until it becomes serious ailments. Initially the problem is more of less feces excreta then with time it takes the shape of severe constipation.

In children this problem occurs due to lack of proper eating habits. Or it can be due to eating unhygienic or processed food more. While eating sugary or sticky things makes the stomach difficult to digest.

In teenagers this problem occurs due to lack of eating healthy food. Also skipping meals may find it difficult to perform the digestive activity. Eating junk food adds problem in the digestive activity.

Constipation problemIn middle aged people if this problem affects then the main cause is stressful life. They are busy in makes their career and this makes them ignorant towards their health. Sleeping less and avoiding healthy diet is the main reason of their Constipation problem.

In late 40s the patient if suffering from constipation then it is due to their Hormonal imbalances. Due to change of age the hormones gets changed which changes the internal functioning also. This gives them the problem of ingestion.

In old age the metabolic rate is very slow this makes them prone to have constipation quite often. Due to less of physical activity also the old people get this problem.

So, there are different reasons of getting this problem even there is no clear proof that among girls or guys who gets this problem more. Every body gets affected with this problem.

Constipation is also due to lack of physical activity. Due to less of physical movements the body becomes dull and the chances are the person gets inactive digestive track. The one rare cause is microbial infection which means attacks of germs and microbes which block the digestive activity.

An even prolonged medication also affects the digestive activity. Due to chemical intake the body gets lots of artificial ingredients which stop the stomach function.

Stress level is the basic cause of Constipation. Stress upsets the internal functioning of the body. It is a proved fact that Stress diminishes the normal body functioning. Stress also gives rise to Anxiety, frustration, Insomnia, Depression etc which are really bad for the digestive activity.

Presence of some infections causes Constipation. Infections can be due to some eatables, liquid or unhygienic conditions which enhance bacterial activity. Due to some kind of infection in the stomach the digestion gets diminished and slow.

Eating too much is the common cause of constipation. As eating lots of food stuff block the stomach and its activity. So, eating right and proper is the need of better digestive function.


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