What is Colitis?

Treatment of ColitisColitis is basically the inflammation of the Inner lining of the Colon. It gives rise to extreme Pain in excretion process and even blood comes out with stool. Colon is the part of body which is adjoining to Small intestine which pass stool in order to eliminate it from the body. It is muscular in shape and is located in Abdomen.

The Colon uses liquid in order to excrete stool but due to certain infection or germs present in the Colon water gets absorbed and stool become dry and hard. This makes it difficult to excrete it from the body. It is very important to cure the problem initially because it may harm the internal system also.

Different Types of Colitis

Ischemic Colitis: It means less blood supply in the abdomen which leads to Colitis.

Radiation Enterocolitis: It means when excess of radiation is given in the lower abdomen area that impacts the normal functioning of the Colitis.

Chronic Colitis: In this type the person suffered from Colitis badly. The main example is Ulcerative colitis.

Pseudomembranous Colitis: It is that kind of Colitis which is caused by bacteria which harm the intestine. The infections can be due to Clostridium Difficile bacteria. And if antibiotic is taken for bacterial growth then it may increase the growth and toxins can be increased in the body. This is the main reason of getting Diarrhea.

Causes of Colitis

There are so many causes of Colitis but it depends upon the person’s lifestyle. The main cause is Infection in the anal system.

There can be Inflammatory Bowel disorder which resulting into Colitis. Some autoimmune reactions also give rise to Colitis.

Another cause of the Colitis is irregular Blood supply in the area. Also eating contaminated food which results into infections and then release toxins in the abdomen.

Certain Antibiotics which are helpful in killing of bacteria if eaten in excess results into damaging of the Colon lining. Some of the infections are caused by Bacteria which may result from Food poisoning.

Symptoms and Treatment of Colitis

The main symptom of Colitis starts with Pain in the excretion. The situation gets worse when Blood comes out along with the stool. The person feels continuous constipation and irregular excretion. The Anus gets swelling which makes it difficult to sit and walk properly. There is redness in the Anal area and continuous irritation.

Treatment of Colitis can be natural remedy only. One should look for Natural Diet which includes lots of fruits, juices and vegetables. Diet can improve the Abdomen and colon infections naturally.

Other treatments can be Natural products which provide frequent relief from the problem. Otherwise the only left out solution is Surgeries which remove all kinds of infections from the Colon.

Colitis Diet Plan

The diet includes Fiber content in the food. The liquid quantity should be high as it helps to eliminate all kinds of waste from the body. The fruits and juices will help provide immunity to the body. Milk and juices should be abundant so that body doesn’t feel loss of water or roughage.