Chicken Pox


Chicken PoxChicken Pox is the viral disease that can be spread through direct contact. It is a kind of disease in which Humans are the carriers which spreads the diseases. It is given the name chicken pox because the Spots occur in this problem look like “Chick Peas”. This disease is caused by virus Varicella Zoster.

Children are affected from this problem more often. They are the easy carriers of this disease as they get in contact with each other and also ignore hygiene. The main remedy of this problem is only vaccination which should be given time. But it is seen that if vaccination is not given then the person gets infected and catches this problem.

What causes chicken pox?

It is the most contagious disease caused by Varicella Zoster Virus. This virus belongs to the Herpes Viruses which are carried by Humans only. The virus is present in the Blood or in the lesion of the Skin or mucosa.

It can be transferred with the Sneezing or coughing as the air after sneezing carries the infected viruses. Even direct contact can also cause the Chicken pox. This disease can also be caused due to virus which enters into the Body and after sometime it reproduces to enter into the blood stream and then to the Spleen and liver.

The lack of vaccination in childhood is the root cause of this problem. This disease can be carried with the droplets of the water after sneezing or coughing. The air gets infected and carries the virus which causes Chicken Pox.

Among children this disease spreads faster as they are weak in immunity. Even pregnant ladies are most likely to get affected by this problem and then it can be spread to their new born babies. Unhygienic conditions or untidiness leads to carry the germs and viruses which carry this disease.

Chicken pox symptoms in children

The symptoms of the Chicken Pox vary from age groups and immunity of the person. Some of the symptoms can be Fever which can be worse after prolonged ignorance. Another sign of Chicken pox is loss of Appetite which results into weight loss and continuous weakness. In some cases the muscle pain is the main sign to know about this problem.

In this problem the breathing problem may also occur in some rare cases. The person feels difficulty in Breathing. The virus which causes Chicken pox retards the nervous system by attacking into the spinal cord. It then diminishes the Immunity of the person. The person having Chicken pox feels Nausea and vomiting in regular intervals.

The confirmation of this problem can be done when there are little spots on all over the body. The spots are red in color and are really painful. The spots are itchy and there is irritation over the spots continuously. The spots may appear in cluster and all over in face, neck, chest, stomach, legs area. The spots turn into Blister after 2-3 days. After almost 8-10 days the spots started drying up and then spots get reduced. This problem lasts for about 10-12 days depending upon the person to person. If the stamina of the person is strong enough then it can be reduced to 7-8 days also. But early detection can prevent prolonged span of this disease.

How to treat chicken pox

Chicken Pox is one such problem which has no cure but it just needs to be prevented first. It is a kind of problem where Doctors prescribe to avoid the itching and rubbing of the spots because if spots are being rubbed once can make permanent mark on the Skin. One should also avoid taking Salty and spicy things as it causes itching of the Spots. The person if suffered from Chicken pox should keep a distance from others in order to avoid spreading it to other people.

As the normal symptoms of Chicken Pox are High Fever the person should be given medicine to control Fever only. The patient should be hydrated properly in order to cure early. As the fluid quantity will help preventing Dehydration and heal the Spots early.

In this problem the mouth continuously gets sour which makes eating tasteless. So, the food should not be spicy or oily but only natural and organic food should be given.

One should avoid scratching Spots with the nails as this may harm the Skin. Vaccination is the only remedy of Chicken pox. Only timely vaccination can avoid this problem but if it is not done timely then the person definitely suffers from this problem. Chicken Pox attacks the Immune system of the person, so one should be properly feed in order to avoid any weakness of the body.

In some cases the person gets Pneumonia which is most likely to affect in Chicken pox. So, proper precautions should be taken in order to keep the patient away from this problem. Complete rest should be given to the patient and also avoid sunlight. As the UV rays affect the spots and may makes them allergic.

One such vaccination called as Varicella Zoster Immunoglobin is given incase the person is confirmed about the disease.

Proper cleanliness of the person is very important as the germs and viruses can be washed off in this way. One can also use Baking Soda in order Bath, as this reduces itching in the Spots. Also one should cut their extended nails as this is the main thing which causes rashes on the body.

Chicken Pox is the only diseases which takes time and have no formal medication or any medicine. One can only stick to Natural medicine which provides the only remedy to this problem. Chicken pox can be treated on time if herbal products are being used on time.

Herbal products are rich in valuable nutrients which provide natural supplements to the body. And if natural products are taken regularly and in early life helps to enhance Immunity of the person. It is only the natural formula which provides greater relief from this problem.