Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is a kind of disorder where there is increase in Blood sugar level in the body. The Glucose doesn’t breakdown into carbohydrates and is accumulated in the body. This acute problem gives rise to various physical and mental changes. Diabetes can occur to anyone of any age groups.

Today almost 70-78% of the people including youngsters are suffering from Diabetes. Even there are more cases of Young and middle aged people then old aged. This proves that our lifestyle and dietary habits increases the risk of Diabetes. The perfect cure of this disease is Divya Madhunashini Vati.

Divya Madhunashini Vati is pure ayurvedic formula of these kinds of diseases. It not only maintains the glucose level but also gives energy to the cellular system. The natural product doesn’t contain any chemical. It is pure and made up of natural herbs. Divya is best suited for diabetes and also proved to cure kidney, heart and blood vessels. Immunity gets also increased by regular usage of Divya herb. Regular usage of the vati helps to protect you from infections like gum and skin problem.

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Diabetes basically occurs due to deficiency of Insulin production in the body. The Pancreas stops making Insulin which is responsible for breaking down of Glucose into energy packet needed for the Body. The food we eat used by this Pancreas to breakdown into Glucose with the help of Insulin. This Glucose is stored into muscle and fat cells to be used in body functioning. But due to inability of Pancreas or cells don’t respond to Insulin Diabetes occur. It increases the Glucose or Sugar in the blood.

This increase in Blood sugar level is very common kind of problem these days. Due to this disorder other body parts like Liver also gets affected. The metabolism of the person also decreases. The person feels ingestion and vomiting feeling. There are extreme thirsty and hunger feeling which almost makes the person distress. The feeling of dehydration is also occurs.

With Diabetes there is various other problem which hampers like Cardiac problem. The arteries get blocked and there are higher risks of Heart failure. The problem of excess of weight loss or gain also persists which might give some idea regarding its acuteness. Long term higher level of Glucose absorption in the Eye lens leads to retinal damage, vision change, blurred vision, etc. This increases the risk of loss of eye sight also.

The person with Diabetes is severely affected in metabolic rate as the stamina reduces. The body couldn’t digest the food properly and use that energy in performing various functions. Digestion is the main function which provides glucose to enter into the Blood stream. And from there Cells uses that Glucose for energy. It is the Insulin hormone which makes it possible for glucose to enter into the blood stream for function. But to lack of it there occur various deficiencies in the body.

What are causes of Diabetes?

Diabetes is such a disorder which can occur to everybody. There are no sure ways which can signifies the occurrence of this problem. But some of the causes of Diabetes can be Genetic factors. Due to defected genes the body couldn’t respond to Insulin hormones and glucose is not reachable to whole of the body. The other causes may be Obesity which gives rise to stoppage of Pancreas to produce insulin. The patient with High Blood Pressure needs to take good acre of them as the rise or acute fall in Blood pressures can retard the Glucose breakdown and thus increases the risk of Diabetes.

Stress is the main cause of any physical ailment. Due to stress the Chemical imbalances occur inside the body which increases the risk of Diabetes. Diabetes can be easily occur to the people living under lots of Stress and are always Anxious. Due to lifestyle changes like less sleeping time, processed food habits, etc. When the body is under constant stress and anxiety the various body organs stops its functioning.

Due to bad habits like smoking and drinking it gives rise to Diabetes Mellitus. This makes shortage of Insulin inside the body and body is unable to produce any further Insulin. Lack of physical activities is also responsible for Diabetes. Due to inactive life the body organs remain dormant and cells are not able to function properly.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is a kind of diabetes in which the Insulin is not produce inside the body. There is lack of Insulin in the body. There are needed to take artificial Insulin for the fulfillment of the deficiency of Insulin. There are beat cells which are present in the Pancreas that produce Insulin and there loss causing Diabetes. It affects the autoimmune system of the body as well. Divya Madhunashini Vati is best suited Ayurvedic medicine for this kind of diseases. It is a natural way to fight with type 1 disease. Divya maintain the insulin level in body and also doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It contains pure herbs as well as the entire necessary ingredient.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is another type of Diabetes which is characterized by Insulin resistance condition of the body. There is comparatively reduced Insulin secretion. The body tissue is irregular or either defective response towards Insulin. This diabetes occurs due lifestyle changes and other genetic factors. One should rely only on natural ways to cure their problem. One simple way to cure Diabetes is Divya Madhunashini Vati which is a pure herbal treatment. This is an herbal product which is very effective in curing any kind of Diabetes.

This vati is amalgamation so many herbs which are known to cure Diabetes and its effects to other parts of the body. It helps to control the rise in Blood sugar levels. This vati is useful in initiating the function of Pancreas and helps to produce Insulin.

With the regular use of Divya Madhunashini the body increases in stamina and is able to produce sufficient Insulin for Glucose consumption. Also the cells which are unable to secret Insulin come to normal position slowly. Divya Madhunashini vati is a natural and safer way to get complete cure from Diabetes.