What Are Boils?

treatment of boil Boil is a kind of Skin Disorder. It is the reddened localized infection in skin upon any of the tender area. Initially when boil occurs, area becomes firm and hard. After some time, the centre of boil softens and fills with White blood cells (infection fighting cells) which help to eradicate infection. This accumulation of bacteria, protein and WBC is called Puss. Finally that boil ‘forms head’ which can be surgically opened or drained through the skin surface. The Puss within tissue is called Abscess. Boils always discomfort a person.

A person is unable to move the area flexibly where there is a boil. Boil is common now-a-days because of the environmental changes. There are so many people how are suffering from Boil problem but are not aware of this problem. Even long term problem leads to darkening and Blemishes of the Skin.

Symptoms of Boils

The symptoms of boil are visible upon the skin. They can be identified depending upon their types. They are:

  • FURUNCLE/CARBUNCLE– This type of boil is caused by bacteria called ‘Staphylococcus aurous’. It may have one or more openings and fever/chills. Furuncle is a typical boil within a hair follicle whereas carbuncle is a larger abscess, involving a group of hair follicles covering larger area. Carbuncle can form a hardened lump. The reoccurring chronic boils are called furunculosis or carbunculosis.
  • PILONIDAL CYST– This type of boil occurs in the crease of buttocks. It begins as a small area of infection in hair follicle (area of skin where hair grows). Over time, it becomes firm because of enlargement of inflamed area making it very painful. It discomforts in sitting.
  • CYSTIC ACNE: When oil ducts are infected or clogged, they form cystic acne. Acne is very common on face of teenagers. Common acne can be easily cured because it has superficial inflammation whereas cystic acne affects deeper skin tissues. Even it can damage the Skin texture and its natural looks.
  • HIDRADENITIS SUPPURATIVA: The occurrence of multiple abscesses under armpits and in the groin is called hidradenitis suppurativa. It results out of local inflammation of the sweat glands .This requires a surgical procedure (as it is difficult to treat with antibiotics).

Boils Causes

There are so many causes of Boils. Skin is very delicate and sensitive part of the body. Anything if affects the natural lifestyle can harm the Skin and susceptible to get Skin Disorder. Boils is that kind of problem where initially Skin gets irritated and gets Pimples. Boils is the prolonged negligence of those pimples which takes the shape of Puss cells. Some of the main causes of Boils are:

  • Many medications suppress the immune system and increase risk of developing boils. Such kind of medications is Prednisolone, Prednisone and medication used in chemotherapy of cancer patients.
  • Diabetes and kidney failure is the illness which impairs the immune system, thus causing boils. Disease with inadequate antibody production (association with deficiencies in normal immune system) increases the tendency to develop boil.
  • Skin can develop abscess in case of any cut or scrape, thus infecting it with bacteria.
  • Ingrown hair also helps in developing boil.
  • Other boils, such as acne occurs because of infected sweat glands.
  • Boils can also occur due to certain infections of the Skin.
Treatment And Natural Remedies for Boils

Boils can be diagnosed by observing their signs and symptoms. Culture of the puss formation is taken from the wounded area to identify the type of bacteria responsible for the infection. There are so many treatments present in the market but one should choose accurately the kind of treatment for the Skin. The main reason to choose the right treatment is Skin is very much affected with the kind of remedies and it affects the long term texture of the Skin. So, one should carefully choose the best treatment.

  • Boil with fever requires medical attention.
  • Increasing reddening of skin area of boil, failure of boil to form head and development of multiple boils always need medical supervision.
  • In case the boil is very painful, it is supposed to be consulted with a doctor.
  • PILONIDAL CYST occurs between the buttocks. It requires proper care and attention of a medical professional.
  • People with weak immune system should always consult a doctor in case they suffer from a boil. They are those who are diabetic, have arthritis or suffer from cancer.
  • Regular usage of medication like predinose, predinosolone suppress the immune system. Thus such kind of people should also undergo medical treatment through a medical professional.
  • Larger boils always require medical attention of a health care professional. A professional will drain ‘lance’ the boil. Larger boils have several pockets of puss which are to be opened and drained. Antibodies are used to avoid spreading infection to the surrounding skin. Thus antibodies are accompanied to eliminate the bacterial infection.
  • The natural remedy for boil includes heat application. Heat application is done by hot soaks or hot packs around the affected skin area. Heat application increases the blood circulation to area and allows body to fight against the infection. Heat application brings white blood cells and antibodies to the site of infection thus try to eradicate the infection.
  • One should not try to drain the boil as long as it is small and firm because it doesn’t have proper puss formation till that time. But as it ‘forms head’ or becomes soft, it is ready to be drained. Many boils (like the one around the hair) drains on its own with regular heat application.

Once the treatment of boil is done one must wash their clothes properly and dry them up in natural sunlight as it kills all the persistent germs. Boil should be treated as and when you observe it, carelessness can worsen the situation.

Treating Boils with natural products is the only way to get rid of Boils forever. Herbal supplements are the best remedy for Skin care which completely cures the occurrence of Boils.