Arthritis Introduction

Arthritis is the Inflammation of the Joints. It is the swelling of the Joints due to internal or external reasons. It is the problems of Joints may be in knees, shoulder; arms etc movement becomes painful. Usually it occurs with the Age but today with change in lifestyle most of the young and middle aged people are suffering from this problem. If prolonged pain is there and one is ignoring the signs of the problem then it can become fatal and severe.

Arthritis occurs because of lack of proper Nutrition in the body which results in loss of cartilage from the bones. Cartilage is the Tissue present in the Joints which helps in proper movement. It helps to make a perfect connection between Joints and muscles. Normally Cartilage is lost with the age but today many middle aged people are complaining about this problem due to Stressful life.

Improper Lifestyle like sedentary life style, lack of movements or exercise, Weight gain etc. starts this problem. Also if blood is not purified regularly then on gets more of impurities in the Blood which affect the Joints and Bones.

Arthritis Definition

Arthritis is the problem of Bones and Joints. Due to weak muscles and bones structure one feels pain in walking and in doing other physical activity. Arthritis can be of so many types like: Osteoporosis, rheumatoid, Gout etc. The person suffering from Arthritis has swelling Joints, stiffness in the Joints and muscles sockets, and problems in sitting and folding the knees, walking or running activities etc.


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Causes of arthritis

There are so many causes Arthritis but it depends upon person to person and their lifestyle. The accumulation of dead cells and other impurities is one of the reasons of getting this problem. It can be due to wear and tear of the Joints. This problem affected the person when there is lack of calcium in the body. This makes bone weak and unable to walk.

With the increases in the weight of the person the joints become stiff and weak. This problem occurs due to Ageing and Hormonal disorders. With the age the bones and Joints become weak that makes it difficult to walk.

Another medical reason is accumulation of Urea in the Joints. Due to some injury or accidents the Joint or Bones become unnoticed but after sometimes it convert into permanent pain.

There might be some infection in the body which affects the Joints. Lack of proper nutrition in the body is one of the main reasons of getting this problem.

Arthritis signs and symptoms

Arthritis affects the internal part of the body structure. This problem starts with little friction in the movements and then it takes the shape on the problem.

There are initial signs and symptoms of this problem like:
  • Problem in walking.
  • Severe pain in the Joints.
  • Swelling of the Joints.
  • Unable to fold the knees.

If anybody is suffering from this problem can get rid of this problem with the Ayurvedic medicines.