Arjunin for Heart Problems

Arjuna SupplementsArjunin is an Ayurvedic medicine for keeping Hearts in a healthy condition. It is a heart tonic which is made of natural herbs. Arjuna is mentioned in traditional herbal system of Indian herbal medicines as the basic cure for all Heart related problems. It is made of herbs which are found in the tropical areas and are rare to found.

Basic ingredients:

Arjuna herb belongs to the family called Combretaceae. It is 25 meters in height. It is grey in color and having Oblong or Elliptic oblong is shape. Its apex is obtuse and base is rounded and often cordate. Its flowers are white in color and are small in size. Its fruit is hairless and having 5 hard wings and fibrous wood having 2.3-3.5 cm long. Its flowering season is from April to July grown in Indian soil. Its seeds are hard as it germinates within 50-60 days.

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This herb is called as multipurpose herbs for healthy life. Its basic ingredients are:

  • Srota: which channelize the circulatory and reproductive systems.
  • Virya: This is having cooling activity.
  • Guna: Helps to keep light and dry.
  • Rasa: It has a taste of astringent and bitterness.
  • Vipaka: Helps in post digestive pungent.
  • Dhatu: This is a tissue of Blood, bone, reproductive and plasma.
  • Dosha: Its effect is Tridoshic.

Advantages of using:

  • It keeps the Heart in a Healthy condition.
  • It also stabilizes the nervous system.
  • It increases the strength of Cardiac muscles and also hearts pumping activity.
  • It decreases the bad cholesterol or LDL level.
  • It acts like an anti ischemic heart tonic.
  • It also plays crucial role in Liver cirrhosis.
  • It is also used as a cardio protective agent and also helps in arthrosclerosis.
  • It normalizes the Blood pressure.
  • It also stabilizes the heart palpitation rate.
  • It controls the Lipid level.
There are so many benefits of using this medicine as there are more problems that might occur like:
  • Coronary Artery disorder
  • Hypertension
  • Heart failure
  • Myocardial infection
  • Hypercholesterolemia

Though in case of heart attack it can be taken afterwards like streptokinase or eurokinase and helps to control further attacks. This medicine is proved to have long term effects also as it plays a major role in making heart much more stronger and strengthen its muscles to function normally.

Arjunin works in the Myocardium layer of the heart. As this layer is the muscular layer of the heart wall. It gets maximum benefits after the use of Arjunin.

Arjunin herb is helpful to reduce the disorder of Angina which is till now being controlled by nitroglycerine. The chemical nitroglycerin is being used to treat the Angina but due to its prolonged consumption it stops producing its effects. So, as a substitute of this Arjunin is being used and tried to control the disorder. And it is proved to shows better results. With the regular consumption of Arjunin it considerably reduces the Angina effect to about 40% in just 30 days. Arjuna can be used long term as it is safe and have natural ingredients in its mixture. Long term use can also reverse the effect of Arteries hardening.

Well Known Remedies for Blood Pressure:

Arjunin is a daily tonic to have a healthy life of Heart. It keeps the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. There is a Co-enzyme Q10 which is being prescribed by doctors to prevent cardio related problems. This enzyme is present in abundance in Arjunin which is very much useful in preventing heart attack problems.

It is proved to work on hypertension. It works as a protective shield to Ischemic Heart Diseases.

Arjunin has a Hypolipidemic action that has a diuretic property which controls hypertension. Also it contains coronary risk modulating and prostaglandin increases properties.

The regular use of Arjunin helps to maintain the normal functioning of the heart and also strengthens the heart muscles.

The research has proved that those who use this regularly are able to control their cholesterol level. As this herbs works through inside by reducing beta lipoprotein lipids and lower down the LDL while on the other side it increase the HDL component in Hyperlipidemia. The patients who are using this medicine from at least 15-20 days are found to reduce their cholesterol level to about 55%. And their LDL level also seems to diminish to 20%.

The research done on various animals having extremely high blood fat are shown to reduce their LDL level to about 60% in just 55 days. Arjunin contains elements like triterpine glycoside having I, II, III, IV arjunine.

The bark of Arjunin is really beneficial as it contains Saponnins, having natural anti oxidants like flavonoids arjunone, arjunolone, leteilin. Along with all this it also contains garlic acid, ellagic acid and oligomeric proanthocyanidins, phytosterols and rich in calcium, zinc copper, and magnesium.

FAQs about Arjunin

Q: Is it safe to take this medicine as I am already taking high blood pressure medication?

Ans: Yes of course as this medicine is proved to fight against hypertension. You can start taking this medicine it will lower down your blood pressure level and considerably make you free from any other medicines also.

Q: My cholesterol and lipid level is quite high will I be able get relief with this medicine?

Ans: For sure you will find relief with the help of this herb. As it works to dilatation of Blood vessels. It helps to decrease the level of cholesterol and lipid formation.

Q: Is Arjuna beneficial in removing blockade of the arteries?

Ans: yes it is helpful in removing blockade of the arteries by thinning the blood. It can be used as an anti-coagulant which works deep inside the tissues and works in cardiac related problems.

If anyone want to get rid of Heart related disorder and also want to cut down blood pressure than this Arjunin is the best known medicine. Also to follow proper diet regime and exercise can help to live a more healthy life.