What is Anorexia?

Anorexia is a psychological disorder where patient is suffering from lack of food habits. There can be number of causes of this Mental illness but the effect is on skipping meals. Anorexia can happen in both Male and female but due to societal pressures female encounter this problem more. It starts during teenager and may continue for long.

Anorexia makes the body susceptible to complications like Heart beat or pulse rate problem, Chest pain or complication in breathing, digestive disorder, Constipation, sweating, frequent rise or fall in blood pressures, lack of strength in Bones and muscles etc.

It is the thinking patterns that changed their psychological behaviors’ towards eating. The Patient is having strong bent of mind which helps them to avoid food.

Also there is a term called Dieting which is healthy sing of losing weight. But on the other hand Anorexia is a severe case where the patient lost the urge to eat. The dieting is healthy which sheds extra fat from the body but Anorexia is not at all healthy as it involves lack of nutrition in the body and loss of stored food in the body.

A patient is susceptible to attract infections as lack of immunity of the body. Also a patient gets seasonal problems as the body is not at all prepared for the change in weather. So, it is clear that Anorexic person is not healthy but pretends that they are fit. There refusal towards food is just their obsessed mind which works in case of eating.

Symptoms of Anorexia

Those who are suffering from Anorexia shows very obsessed kind of Behavior. They became very much stubborn and try to satisfy their ego by avoiding food and making excuses of eating. It is a kind of addiction to them.

These people became skinny and have disinterest in eating. Even with time it becomes their habit of not eating.

This problem also affects the growth level as the child lacks in proper height or gets thin early. Anorexia may also lead to lack of nutrition as the body doesn’t accept food better.

The patient is having the habit of vomiting, emaciation etc in order to avoid food. They became escapist just to stay away from eating.

Due to lack of proper nutrition the patient becomes anemic, fatigue, nausea, lack of energy levels, and is shows restlessness, unconscious feeling etc. These are the early sign which shows that the body becomes weak and unable to manage the starvation.

Also lack of liquid shows the skin becomes pale and wrinkled which looks unhealthy. The skin and hair are too much rough and dry which indicates the lack of proteins.
There is a constant feeling of heaviness in the stomach which supports them to stay empty for long. Insomnia, feeling of exhausted all the time is some of the symptoms.

There are two phases of this problem one is avoid eating or taking calories and other one is vomiting which takes out all the food that one eats.

Causes of Anorexia

There can be so many causes of Anorexia but it all depends upon the upbringing or environment of the child. Mostly this problem starts with the childhood or during adolescent period, when the child starts thinking a lot or being pressurized by society or family.

This problem is more due to hidden desires or some kind of trauma that is being overlooked by the patient. The patient is quite fearful that if she will eat then she will gain weight. This stress makes them so strong that they stop the urge to eat and drink. They also have the habit of doing physical work or exercising a lot in to lose extra weight.

There are some of the proved reasons of getting this problem is feeling of always on top. This makes the person susceptible to be over competitive, hence spoils their creativity. Nervousness is another reason of avoiding food.

There is a deep sense of loneliness which keeps away a patient from positive atmosphere. Also in extreme cases the patient becomes Depressed which makes them avoid any thing good.

Due to hereditary factor, one gets lack of interest in the food. This makes them much more prone to catch infections also.

Anorexia Treatment

Anorexia is that kind of problem which can’t be cured with medicine or chemicals but it simply needs the care and attention of loved ones.

The patient should be convinced to speak out the heart and leave all the inhibition of the mind.

The patients have conditioned their mind which needs to be changed naturally. The patient should be given chance to eat healthy and avoid Stress.

Psychotherapies can be the best way to deal with extremely obsessed cases. With the help of psychological analysis those patients can be treated well on time and better.

One thing that family members can do is to motivate the patient to avoid Stress. The motivation should be positive which should help the patient to gain weight and look more attractive.

Although full recovery can take some years even, but there is always a hope if the Family members support the Patient and right kind of guidance of the doctors is provided.

Counseling from a therapist can be one of the easy solutions to provide a chance to the patient to be better soon. By proper counseling a patient can try to unlearn their suppressed feeling and try to feel good.

There are few foods which increase the food habits and eating little more like: Black pepper, Lemon, cinnamon, ginger etc. They help to initiate the process of digestion and help to eat at regular intervals. Fresh fruits help to produce antioxidants in the body which neutralize the effect of germs and other microbes. Also there are available lots of special herbs which increase the digestion process like Aswagandha, Amla, Shallaki, triphala etc. All these herbs along with the fruits help a person to gain healthy body.

So, all one needs is proper attention to avoid Anorexia.